What are you listening to right now?

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First album I was given in 1976, I was 6 years old, loved it:)
Tull was one of the few bands I saw in concert. Saying they were incredible fall far short. A friend of mine and I went to the concert on impulse. We had some money and some smoke - what else did we need? We drove to hours. Neither of us had any idea how to get there. Once in the city we didn't know where to go so my crazy bud drove up to a cop, rolled down the window, billowing smoke and asked. We got there just as they were about to open. I had to whiz so I headed for the bathroom. Someone called me from behind trying to tell me I couldn't use the men's room. I turned around and he turned red. Yeah. I had hair back then, lots of it. Like I said the concert was mind boggling. JT really puts on a show. Afterwards we drove home in the wee hours. Half an hour from home we see a dead deer on the side of the road. I pipe up wondering if it is still warm. My friend says, "dunno, lets see." He stops the car, wanting me to check it. I do. It is. We put it in back of his vega hatchback. He says he's going to take it to his future father-in-law. He'll love it. Wouldn't ya know it, he did!

Thanks for the post that brought back that memory!

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