What Are You Smoking?

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I fully recognize that I’m around a bunch of folks that know what the hell they’re doing. I am a super new.

I’m smoking my own home Grown shit for the first time. And it’s a big deal to me. Did it with a lot of help from the people here, wanted to say thank you.
I too am stone grown. Meaning, before the improvements for selling at dispensaries in Cali, this one [years ago] sold me med level, or medical grade ruderalis 5 leaf. Found two seeds cleaning it. Grew both to seed. Wind blew in, sent two seeds into the stoned backyard.

Grew on its own. I recall one went indica, the other sativa. You could tell by the growth of the branches. This may have been 2nd gen out of the stones on its own. 3rd gen went to seed again, saw a 7 count indica leaf, but the rest grew as a rudy. Now I did plucked any males so I hardly find seeds. Being that I watched it grow and at the bottom would show seeds.

This one being the 1st gen where I only cut the main stalk level with the stones, or tear up the fabric before laying the stones down. So out of a root grew the 2nd gen. It kind of died off winter wise, then coming back with a few seeds spread to other places. Come 3rd gen where I shook whatever seeds would fall off

Now 4th gen pops up in Dec of last year growing out of the stones, and then low and behold it sort of returned to it's original 7 leaf indica. It may dwarf back to 5 leaf as I noticed in the 3rd gen popping a few of those but sustained its growth as a rudy. I only use the garden hose to feed it. No additives to boost the buds or plant.

So my growth looks exactly like BB22's home grown. I'd say at times I'd grab a scoop, and exhale for fresh air, I'm about to pass out, but no lingering high at all. A rudy hit is all she wrote. Almost on par with store bought if not equal at times.

Minimum is 12, so I'm at my limit with all females. I notice leaf patterns are different. Some are narrow leaf, others are afghan wide. All count as 7 leaf. Have no idea if some will turn extended branch sativa, or normal [punk like] growth, meaning clumped together; branch growth wise.


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Bitch put me in my place yesterday. Smoked this who joint in about 5 minutes 😂 I was wigging out for a bit thought the police were coming in. Then my wife took forever to make the cookies so I could chill tf out.
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