What do you put in your SIP Reservoir?

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Hey guys,

So I'm growing some plants in Earthbox Probiotic Wellness Garden SIPs. The system comes with some instructions and I've been largely following those. I'd like to be able to add aloe vera, kelp, coconut water etc without watering under the mulch cover - the SIP irrigates from underneath and when I also water from the top I find that the topsoil remains too wet and I have issues with Fungus gnats.

I have a friend who's very strongly against putting anything in the reservoirs except water and EM1 (and the wellness garden calls for kashi & molasses root drench in res 1x per week) BUT I also have several products that indicate they're totally cool to go in a reservoir - Azos beneficial bacteria etc.

Any opinions on this? Anecdotal is fine but evidence based would be preferred.

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