What in the wilt is going on?

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Beginning of week 4 of veg had one plant start to”wilt”and what seems to be some kind of deficiency. A couple day later a few more. Now in week 5 all plants are showing signs. Stems are purple also. Previously I ran a sterile system ( UC Roots) and no issues. Got some kind of bacteria last run that nothing seemed to kill. Switched to Hydroguard when it came back in first week this time and it went away and plants took off until this. As soon as they show signs they stop growing. Roots seem fine with a little discoloration, not slimy and no odors. Any ideas?
GH nutes 265 TDS
PH 6.0
Water temp 68
Room temp 81
RH 72%
Lights are at 40% (led)
Also…..is it ok to take clones from plants this stressed?
What in the wilt is going on
What in the wilt is going on 2

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