What kind of nutrients do seeds need

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I have had a harlequin plant outdoors and she has been polinated but the seeds are no where near mature. This is a big problem for me because I need those CBD seeds.
Does anyone know how to speed up seed production?

It might be low light and low nutrients. It was grown in a clay soil bed with coco coir on top. Maybe there is some calcium lockup from the coir but I have no idea. I cant feed it too much because its a low nutrient plant.
Is there a certain mineral or macro nutrient I need for seeds?
Would compost tea help?
DeJaVu Seeds

DeJaVu Seeds

Compost tea is always good, but don't over water. Worm castings are always good. Worms themselves, are great. I usually put 50 red-worms around each one of my plants, even indoors. They are the ticket to keeping pests down and they help with drainage. Most of all, Azomite is KEY. Azomite. Is. KEY. You want to be as completely organic as you can be when growing for seeds.

What is the Ph of the soil? Also, how is the drainage? Clay is bad for drainage, and with wet feet, your plant might be struggling to stay alive. The plant needs to be thriving in order to pro-create.

This sounds crazy, but I am convinced that the plants know whether or not to make a lot of seeds. It's like animals that have more babies when there is a good food supply nearby, and fewer babies when food is scarce.
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