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Yeah, definitely- my first grow with a dual arc bulb came out really nice, trouble is it was a bit small on the yield. I like having two dedicated bulbs, fewer compromises that way.


if ya got the doe to lay out nothing beats this imo, its fully adjustable and just a great all round product


I noticed all there 1000w lights use 240v, but every house I lived in is only compatible with 120v, I think.

So how does that work, is there a 120v cord I have to order or something??


Personally I think a Pro 1000 for a 4x4 is a lot of overkill if you run it at 1000W. A 600W would be a bit on the low side (<900 umol avg).

For 4x4 actually a 750W/825W would be a great choice. Fortunately the Pro 1000 is still very efficient at 750W (1.86 umol per watt, 1.92 umol per watt at 825) . Don't forget that you get about 25% more light than with an air cooled reflector. If you use a 1000W at 750, then do take the time to run the lamp at least 100 hours at 1000W for it to stabilize.

At 750W you almost get almost 1000 umol avg @ 55 cm from the light. If you want more: you have it, but then take some more distance. Do you need to tune down: you can. @ 825W the output is about the same as a Hortilux 1000W HPS(a good lamp!) at 100% in an ideal aircooled reflector (95% reflector efficiency, 6% filter losses).

@lex: more and more houses and apartments have separate 240V group available for high power appliances. In some cases you already have two phases in your house, but they are split into 2x120V. Take a look here. You can probably ask your utility company if you have it, or if they can make a 240V group. It has many advantages, such as more efficient appliances, less copper needed for your lines as the current is half of the 120V current for the same power and also important: less heat dissipation in the ballast (at least 30% less than 120V ballasts).


If u have those same dimensions but are looking to veg thosr babies with spiral cfls? How many bulbs are needed to fill the space properly?
Ive never used CFLs 2 veg.. I use a T5 in my 4x4 veg tent.. 8 - four foot T5 bulbs is like 450 watts..


Looks really cool but I think im going to go the hps route. Just looking for the best price I can find
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