What size micron tray for what type of byproduct ?

My first grow isn’t done but come January I’ll need a trim tray. Which I believe is what is used to catch trichomes? The one I like comes with a 150 micron tray but has other options as well. What do I use the 150 residual for? Im a small grower, 1 plant at a time, what would be the right size for me to produce something easily usable like keif?

sorry, I barely know enough to ask the question so excuse of it doesn’t exactly make sense.

They also have 100 micron and 220 micron. No idea what each one is for.

That shake was from that gps gunfighter that turned purple and black and maybe something else that was dark I can't recall right now, but mostly it's blond shake, depending of course on what I grow

Above is kief from two different strains.
I'm unsure of the Micron size in it but for my purposes it works very well
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