What's the best bong?

Do you use a Bong?

I personally think that it is way healthier compared to other devices, and the majority is with me, right?

so what's the best for you from the list below:

Mini Bong

Gravity Bong
Percolator Bong

Ice Bong

Hmmm I like it cold..and I use Nucleus

How about you?
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just a small standard glass with grommet and large aluminium (?) stem. remove the rubber base, give it a scrub, easy to clean. small and portable, easy to put away. practical.

i do occasionally roll some joints instead - a different stone, typically out-and-about.
i just received the molino 50cm 7mm green label from gc. i love it. i havent hit it yet but it is super thick. unfortunately the female joint was broken when i opened it, but its still an airtight seal so i just crazy glued it back on. i know other people who have ordered it with no problems though. great first bong imo