Whatz Happnin?

Hey all! A friend told me that I'd prolly dig it here, so here we go...... Looks like a cool place so far. Props to those involved with the design of the site.

'Bout me.....I've been growing indoors for a couple years now, I guess. Coco is my medium of choice. However, I'm open-minded enough to try others when the urge strikes me. I prefer to feed organically. I'm not currently running an op indoors since I just moved into a new place ....landlord keeps talking about storing stuff in the attic, and that's where I wanna set-up, so we'll wait and see on that one. I AM however trying to get things lined up for a late outdoor run. So I'll concentrate on the outdoor first, then see what I can do indoors.

Bout all I've got for now folks! Looking forward to seeing y'all on the board.


Hey welcome to tha Farm Bro.....Lookin forward to seeing your Outdoor grow...What strains you running out there....~ogr
Welcome bro! i hear you on the late outdoor start. every fuckin year. indoor has always taken priority. we shall see though. ive always wanted to utilize my attic. temps just stay so high up there in the summer not even sure if i wanna waste my time. whats your plan there?
raskal....I'm not sure what the strains will be just yet. Depends on whether "the man" grabs em out of the mail before I do. C99xPapaya is one that I'm waiting on. It sounds quite nice.

Coughee....cool name bro. If one is to use an attic (in most climates) it takes alot of work. My plan, if I get to execute it, is to use foil-backed rigid insulation panels to insulate the room from the heat of the roof. Then build a room that is also insulated itself. I think with two layers of insulation the room should be manageable with A/C and heat (when necessary). Where I am, I'll have to consider it to be suitable for three seasons only. The peak summer heat would be horrendous up there and would surely take massive amounts of cooling to keep plants happy.
Welcome Progrowannabe!

Sounds nice, you got your beans from Wally Duck?
I'm running some Ducksfoot from him and couple other strains outdoor! Hope they finish here, good luck to you, grow on:laugh:

Actually Tolpan, the C99xPap. that I'm waiting on are a cross that a friend of mine made. I just hope they made it through the mail. Be sure to keep us updated on the Ducksfoot. That's one of the most unique strains I've seen.