When should I start adding fertilizer to fox farm soil?

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I'm on 6th day of flower and have yet to use liquid nutrients in fox farm soil (ocean forest and strawberry fields mix). This is my first grow ever and things have gone relatively well up to this point. My question is: When should I start to use liquid fertilizers?

Run off Ph is 6.5 for all plants

My numbers are as follows:

Let's say Day 1 was my transplant into 3 gallon pots.

Day 4- Plain water with run off PPM between 5k and 7k from all 5 plants. (organic nutes)

Day 9- Run off PPM's were as follows:

Plant 1- 4500
2- 2966
3- 4500
4- 2900
5- 3600
(Input was calmag and recharge with 170 ppm)

Day 12- First day of flower

Day 14- Run off PPM's:

Plant 1- 1600
2- 964
3- 605
4- 1200
5- 658
(Input was plain r/o water and silica at 31 ppm)

Today is day 17 after transplant and my next watering is coming up. As a first time grower, I am confused as to how and when to know how many nutrients I should feed. I know I at least need the calmag. I have the fox farm trio on standby...




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