When to tell it’s 2 weeks from harvest.

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I’m trying to determine when 2 weeks from harvest is without knowing the strain. Is there a tell that they show? 70/30 cloudy/clear trichs or no longer throwing white hairs? I am only on day 43 but would like to know due to a product I’m going to try (Terpene Queen by Meigs) but it has to be used in the last 2 weeks of flower, no sooner.



Save your money. They don’t even tell you what the active is. Within 2 weeks of harvest I doubt this product will drive up -oids concentrations. I doubt it does anyhting above what you can achieve with fertilizer.



I am unfamiliar with that product, but agree with @Zill about it being too late to help.

It's really a question about when to harvest, because if that is known, then all one needs to do is count the days or weeks before then. It is an interesting question, though. My first thought is experience is key. When to harvest becomes easier to predict after having grown crops to completion. A grower can also count the days from the lighting change, the end of stretching or the first appearance of bud. Something I also consider is the lack of growth or changes of the plant. Then, for an organic grower like me, the last dose of nutrients can also be an indicator. Of course, all of those can only be estimates. Here in our happy stoner home, we just go by our intuition.

Edit: I forgot to mention strain. Sativa dominants are known to take longer than indica dominants. I'm sure I failed to mention other factors, as well.
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