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WIll this be too much stress on my girls?

Hey all,

My room is about finished :party0044: and I will be moving my three plants into their home finally. this is a test run and I want to experiment a little...

I was planning on transplanting into 10 gallon pots (they're in 5), then putting under a 400w MH for a week (or more, I want big plants, they've been vegging since August 1st), then move into the flowering room.

what I would like to do is "super crop" one of them to see the benefits/difference between them. I'm just wondeirng when is a good time to do this? before or after I transplant? when under the MH or when I flower?

Sense I. Milla

I've never done this technique myself cause it's pretty advanced, but from what I've read about it I'd do it this way, super crop AFTER the transplant and under the MH. Your super cropped plant will need time to develop inter-nodes and recover b4 flowering.

good luck bro


I topped and thinned out all 8 of my girls on my last run, from 3rd week of veg to like 3-4 weeks of flower , I just did it a lil at a time so it wouldn't shock them, they all responded nicely, I also did a transfer from 8" pots to HD 5 gallon buckets for flower and all went well

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