When & what to add for Bloom Boosters?

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Wevie Stonder

Hey guys,

I'm doing my first hydro grow with 48 sites of Casey Jones (Sativa dominant) in hydroton. We just entered into week 5 and things are looking pretty damn great.

We've got a good nute line that we like (cutting edges solutions) , but we haven't added any extra things to really kick the buds into high gear-- we've just been rocking the basic bloom feeding schedule for out nutes.

Anyways, what do you guys recommend for bud phatteners, sugars, whatever to really kick them into epic, crystally nuggy phat wonder buds?

Also, when do you add such nutes? I'm guessing that weeks 5 & 6 are the time to do it.

Advice would be really appreciated!!!!


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