Wise and knowledgeable expert advise for DWC at altitude.

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Aqua Man

Aqua Man

Ordering the larger 40w. That does 85LPH, more than enough for 4 x 15LPH stones.
Thanks A-Man!!!
10 will work… over 15 you can see reduced function. Too much is not good either but with that said either of them will absolutely work for you and much closer than many ppl run


First, I want to again THANK ALL who have contributed to my hydro learning curve. I'm certainly still wet behind the ears, but learning every day!
Last Monday, around lunch time I noticed that the water temp had risin, from the 70.0 it was set at, up to 71.1. It had never gone above 70.5 before, because that's where the cooler kicked on. Hmmmm. After some expermenting, I determined it was cooling and heating, just not nearly as effecient as before. So I plugged it into my watt meter. Yuck!!! The 180w chiller was only pulling 88W. I immediately contacted the seller and Ebay. The seller was responsive, but had all kinds of suggestions like sending out replacement Peltier chips or refunding 1/2 of the price, since it was still working 1/2 way. No way, I need a reliable, working machine. Long story short, he is in China and doing drop shipping, so returning the chiller wasn't an option and I received a full refund.
But that didn't solve my water cooling issue and I got tired of adding ice bottles very quickly, so yesterday afternoon I gave my trainer a serious trimming and transplanter her into a #5 pot of FF Ocean Forest. This morning, she looks quite happy for what she's been through.
Pictures below.

I do have a quick question about some tan/browning root in my Haze x NL#2 grow, if someone could give me some guidance on that, it will be appreciated. I don't want to double post, so here is the thread where I need that help. THANKS!!!

IMG 20230316 094707

IMG 20230316 111824

IMG 20230316 112555

IMG 20230316 113817

IMG 20230316 170033
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