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Hi all, new to this forum, came from other common forums but to be honest the people knowledge on there is limited.
This is my first grow, first time indoor and hydro, everything is new to me but has been going really well so far, the large plant AK-47 Auto is 6 weeks old and the smaller White Widow Auto is 5 weeks old, both started pre flowering at the same time roughly, but the White Widow has slowed dramatically in terms of flowering, stretched tho.
Im running and 2 plant buckets 1 bucket reservoir RDWC in a 2x2x2 meter tent, air cooled exhausted 600w HPS hood Air conditioning always keeping the room at 22 degrees Celsius and the tent at 25-27celcius.
The nutrients i am using are the following line Current Culture H20 designed for dwc. Had GREAT results through veg only an issue now, it could be as simple as Cal Mag.
My current PPM is 700-750 5.9pH 30L drinking about 1L - 2L per day before the PPM has been raised to the latest of 700. The previous weeks were at 450-550 and the plants were healthy. So I'm 10% convinced it could be a toxicity. Or over feeding. Combined with Calcium deficiency or something bizarre like that.
I switched the lights off for 24 hours then had the lighting schedule set to turn off for 3 or 4 hours a day, but ive come across some info that says an Automatic can be Flowered under 24 hours of light and is most beneficial for large bud size due to increase growing period. Is all of this correct. As I said it is my first grow and I am looking for a really good community with good knowledge, uploaded is some photos of my plants and their issue, please help diagnose and help me clarify the lighting schedule for Automatic flowering. Water temps at about 20°-25°c night to day, and the canopy temperature under the light is 27.5°c and 75% humidity. I also foliar feed the water from the reservoir once a day, is this okay to do and will it increase growth. What else can I use. Im thinking about buying some fulvic and humic acid too for foliar feeds, but I'm unaware of what nutrients are acceptable for foliar feeds or what is most beneficial.
Nutrient regime
Current Culture h2o Nutrient Schedule
Now in using
BLOOM A B transitioning from Week 1 to Week 2 Flower using the following nutrients
Hydroedge beneficial bacteria occasionally after reservoir is a week old say
After the system change out and transition to flower Im using a top up solution of 2200 ppm in 20 Litres, and increase the PPM about 50ppm increase per day and add RO water if needed to raise system levels to between 26-30L.
Ph up and down are long buffer period phosphoric acid and potassium chloride.
having used any bud booster mid or bud booster late. Want to get this under control
Anyway im having trouble with my AK-47 and it has been getting worse, it is now starting to show on the White widow too on one or two leaves, but it is on about 5 - i leafs on the AKwhich is now 1.1m tall many many bud sites bud the leaf problem is causing me a great deal of stress. Im pretty sure it is a P K or Calcium related and possibly a combination of both as ive heard this happening. Im kinda familiar with the roles mobile and immobile nutrients play, and I'm sure this is a mobile nutrient deficiency. Can someone clarify what I am seeing, how to fix it and also if the leaves can be salvaged or to remove them. They are only the really large fan leaves and new growth in slightly crispy.
Planta have only been showing signs of this for the last 14 days since flowering began.. was only on 1 - 2 leaves at first and has spread among the middle of the plant and now top. Roots are very healthy and large root ball, totally cleaned out the system 5 days ago, sterilised all equipment and buckets, replaced everything. Photos below please help diagnose
Also if someone has tips on what I should do now to help increase the yield, can I help the plant focus its production of larger bud sites, defoliating, training, Additives such as sugars or other carbs. Really want to maximise the grow but learn as much about the natural growth of a plant too as this is my first grow.

My apologies for the lack of organisation in my posts information, I just tried to give you guys as much as possible, any very detailed information sources or books to read would be great. I have Ed Rosenthals Garden Saver and Handbook. But am wanting more thorough evidence of problems and resolving them. Cheers guys
20210308 223755
20210308 224357
20210308 221844
20210308 224428
20210308 223812
20210308 221946
20210308 221831
20210308 221842
20210308 131026
20210308 224609
20210308 222654
20210308 221617
20210308 221613
20210308 224407
View attachment CS-Feeding-Schedule-2019.pdf
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I think you're looking on the wrong side of the equation. This looks more like excess than deficiency.


I think you're looking on the wrong side of the equation. This looks more like excess than deficiency.
Agreed its overloaded with N and prolly locking other good stuff out. Ease up on the feeding. Autos barely need any nutrients. Start at 1/5 the strength and raise it if you need to. Its way easier to fix that way. Those leaves aint gettin better. they will stay burnt up like that so flush and keep an eye on new growth for signs of improvement. Def dont add more of anything.

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