WTF are these???

Need some opinions from the forum on something very strange that I have found attached to numerous leaves on the top three quarters of a number of my plants.

I grow very large trees indoors in a sealed basically sterile environment, in RDWC and have never had any issues with regards to virus or pests however this run is showing signs of what looks to be calcium and or magnesium deficiency for some strange reason on at least three quarters of the plants.

I've inspected every single plant and quite frankly every single leaf and only found very few that had these very microscopic Orange balls or what look to be balls. Not a grouping of balls simply just one very microscopic orange ball or what looked to be, on only a very limited few leaves on very few plants.

I decided to put it under my microscope at a thousand times magnification and it looks to me as though it is a cocoon of sorts and that something has come out of it. The size of these anomalies are the size of a grain of salt just for reference to anybody chiming in.

Short of a bit of chlorosis as shown in the images and what looks to be calcium and magnesium deficiency I have no idea what these random unknowns are.

Looking forward to the masses chiming in with any experienced opinions of what the possibilities maybe plants are otherwise healthy large between 6 1/2 and 8 ft tall 4 feet to 6ft around and begging of week 4 in flower

Environmental is dialed and always is.

Anyone have any ideas what this could be?
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That cocoon/shell looking thing is throwing me off, because the rest of the signs look like hemp russet mite damage. But I didnt think they had a cocoon stage. But I'm not an entomologist.

Signs of russet mite are stippled magnesium deficiency like symptoms, canoeing at the base of the leaf and a generally shiny wet appearance to the leaves. I'm seeing all of that in your pics.
From what I can see, it looks like most of the yellowing leaves are at the base of the plants where they get a lot less light. During flowering, especially later flowering, it isn't unusual to get the bottom fan leaves turning yellow and dying off as the plant pulls nutrients to areas where it is needed more... the bud sites. Low nitrogen can cause this as well, so it is a balancing act to decide between using more nitrogen during flowering or just letting them go. Since the damage seems to be on the bottom and not new growth, I don't suspect much in the way of deficiencies other than possible low nitrogen... but again, supplemental nitrogen during flowering can add to excess chlorophyll if fed too much. Since you are in week 4 of flowering, you still have a ways to go and I would give a small dose of nitrogen, or of a general purpose fertilizer... use maybe 25-50% of recommended dosage.
The taller plants that you are growing... did you defoliate them to get them to look like that? I grow pretty tall as well (usually 6-8 ft) but my plants are usually much bushier, although I use vertical MH/HPS lighting to give a lot more lateral light than just from above. As for the mysterious yellow or orange bumps... they almost look like a snail shell. I haven't seen anything like it before and I've grown since Carter was in office. Was it maybe something that hatched in the soil?
That's a tough one. I've never seen "red scale" under a scope. But I've seen a red scale infestation on certain citrus trees. Kind of looks like it may be from the scale family.
Have you got any yellow and blue sticky traps up to catch potential fliers? Sure looks like something with wings crawled out of that shell. Identifying the flier might be easiest.
Thanks for the replies all😎

No soil anywhere in my grow whatsoever all RDWC.

All the leaf issues that were present were definately below half way on any affected plants.

I am pheno hunting a few strains and the extra tall girls are just how that pheno of that strains played out, insane I know... And they were bushy as f before are week 3 strip😛

I ruled out russet mites and every other know pest that I can think of or research so I am really tapped out.

I have been growing for over 15years and the last 5 strictly in rdwc and using cultured solutions by current culture.

I feed based on their general guidelines with the addition of the highest spectrum of Coco cal due to my plants being so large.

I guess I will just have to see what happens through weeks 4 and 5 to see if anything pops up..for now all the girls seem strong, eating well, no pH fluctuations short of the slight normal upward creep from feeding as they do.

Have never had to use stickies and have 20 oscillating fans going all the hard to see if anything is flying but stickies would be a start!
So strange.....
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