Wtf is "blackberry crush" from Synergy Auto Genetics

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They haven't listed any info on their advertisement and WON'T respond to my 10 or so emails now: If anyone can contact Synergy Automatic Genetics on my behalf I'd be very appreciative. No idea why they haven't responded, maybe their website mail section isn't working.

A legitimate cannabis website (which is the new vendor for 7th floor vapes) names it alongside strains such as harlequin and jack herer! "it is an indica based strain with its sedative properties will make you stress-free in no time, so that your stress remains at your office, while you can enjoy the well-earned sleep"

One website I have found says that it doesn't contain thc but from my smoke report it definitely does:

Another website says its an indica dom hybrid that has "full-body pain relief effects. The most popular indica-dominant hybrid varieties include SFV OG, skywalker OG and blackberry crush":

When I first bought these seeds from the synergy vendor "caveman seeds" it was labeled 1:1 and i wrote that down with some other info I found from another website that has disappeared. I found on that site it was Blueberry CBD x Lemon Haze, but I have no idea whether this is accurate. Blueberry CBD x Lemon Haze is something similar to this amazing looking strain but with more CBD. Blueberry cbd is 7:7 cbd:thc and is 80:20 indica:sativa. Lemon haze is 0.3:17 cbd:thc and is 30:70 indica:sativa.

The strain itself grows beautifully, with earthy undertones and a fruity smell. Smoke report to come.
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