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What’s up guys been having a little problem with outdoor plant. I’ve been on this site for a while but have never really posted to ask questions but I’m getting kind of tired of not knowing exactly what’s wrong. I’ve suspected that I had russet mites due to yellowing in the lower leaves moving slowly up the plant. I’ve been spraying everyday/every other day for about 2 months now, with plant therapy, dr. Zymes, neem oil w/ silica, pure1 crop(recently ran out), and even alcohol with water(only a couple times). I’ve also been using my microscope but can’t seem to find russets. I recently took a 5 day trip and didn’t spray...when I got back the yellowing has been getting worse by the day, now I’m back to spraying every day. Since I can’t seem to find them I just wanted to ask around and see if you guys would have any suggestions on what this might be.

Info on the grow:
Green gelato from RQS
65 gallon pot living soil (2nd run)
Used big roots soil last year then re amended and put a new layer of compost and EWC
Top dress: alfalfa, kelp, malted barley, crab meal, seabird guano, insect frass, gro kashi
Minerals: dolomite lime last year, and now I use oyster shell flour
Water: I use filtered garden hose water ( I stopped measuring ph when I switched from hydro to living soil) with some waterings I use coconut, aloe, silica...then the occasional compost extract and teas
This grow has been going perfect until now and I would just like to know if I should continue spraying as much as I do or maybe pay attention to another aspect... anything helps really appreciate ur guys time.

Here’s some pics of the plant



what is meaning of filtered water?like ro water?
most that yellowing is normal from lack of light and outdoor growing,if your chasing bugs ,make a sack lunch mate,best thing is to keep plant as normal as you can,i have no doubt from what you said your pm is to regular for one thing,you doing a lot it seems,try a tbsp of epsome salt to a gallon of water,see if it helps,easy to flush all the goodies from them bags,so your amended soil may not be all that if you dig,outside you feed more and then there is rain and all that equal leeching,that said most are quick to say cal mag,not always mate,there is always abundunce of calcium in your soil,the calcium and magnesium are in comparison of bacteria and fungus,fungus will over whelm the bacteria,but the bacteria is dominant in the course of keeping the fungus in check,that weird balance is part of the soil food web,you may have more mag and the calcium dominates it,but all will say cal mag,mainly because they are sold as one in a bottle ,a quick fix per say,most time it mag you need,epsome salt has magnesium and sulfur,that what it needs,along with that leaching you also wash out your micro nutrients,that is were the sulfur and mag come to play,your boron,zinc,cooper,and list goes on are at such low levels anyway you really cant tell were the problem really lays,when you reamended your soil did you think of adding in elemental nutrients?mangneses is most important for your micro nutrients,it is the equalizer of all your micro nutrients,it stops toxic levels ,same as lime equalize you soil NPK.
just a food for thought mate,i run some epsome salt to the plant wait a week and see if it helped,one the science guys jump in here in a bit,im bro science as they call it and my opinion dont matter with 40 years of growing,the book counts hahahahah ask um hahah.
hope i ould help man

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