Yellow Mold Anyone? Please Help

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I have 2 girls out of 9 that have this yellow film and the the stems almost feel wettish film. Cant find any common yellow molds. New growth is crazy healthy but this is more in the main stem and sucker branches near the center that i try to keep up on trimming. Has been there all of veg and hasn't spread for 3 weeks

3 week weeks in 3 gallon fox farm ocean forest soil
jacks 321 full strength
recharge once every 10 days
Tribus 2x week
BioCeres WP (Fungus Treatment to prevent root aphids and other mites) treated when put in soil 1 teaspoon per gallon
CO2 Exhale bag
78F day 50-60RH
70 night 45-50RH
Fabric pots
room gets vented every 5 mins and fans inside
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I don’t know what the yellow tint is and can’t really see it well.

maybe lower your feed strength some. Likely dont need full strength. And 1 tsp of the WP won’t kill any root aphids. It takes 2 tablespoons per gallon. And it is not tolerated well by the plants so I wouldn’t add it as a preventative if you have seen no bugs.
cool yeah its seems like that's when things took a turn.
now that you mention it i used 5 teaspoons which i had to call the company for drench directions on such a small scale. Their recommendation. I thought was high esp for my young ladies, I used them as a test run. Left kind of yellow powder on top until next feeding. I cut it back for the bigger girls the next time and they handle it well. I haven't used after that first time about 3 weeks ago and won't now. Seems like a strange reaction but I don't hear much about WP used on large scale. Price isn't cool either for preventive. Thanks for the help. Going to cut back and hit with California Light Works UVB tomorrow just incase its a fungus or mold.
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