Yellowing/ Dying leaves during flowering?

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Hello Hello, I am exactly 7 weeks into flower with white widow and Ive noticed how yellow my leaves have become. I thought this might have been a nitrogen deficiency, I added some coffee grounds which seem to have helped but I am just a bit concerned about leaves dying off. Is the plant diverting its energy/ nutrients to bud production? I know I only have a few more weeks to go but I want to make sure I don't have a bigger issue.
Yellowing dying leaves during flowering
Yellowing dying leaves during flowering 2


Yellowing close to the end of flower is perfectly natural. You may have not given them enough N in flowering, but gnick is completely right there really isn't anything you can do to green them up at this time. Plus you don't want to pump it with a bunch of unnecessary nutes coming close to harvest.


I would give her a low dose of complete balanced nutes so she can finish strong. Yellow plants dont make much more bud or potency and the last weeks are when they bulk up and reach potency.

You want a lime green plant at least imo.

But if you are feeding coffee grounds and expecting them to feed the plant at this stage no probably wont work. That is not real plant food.
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