You don't need it for a small grow.

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There are a million ways to go broke trying to save money to buy weed. Truth is the price is so absurdly low for good weed and extracts that I'm basically a fool to grow at home. Not for everyone of course.
Now. Do you need to buy a million gadgets? No. But at least a few.

Ph meter? Depends. Do you like tech? Do you like cleaning and calibrating tech? No. Of course not. So. Ph drops. Simple. Cheap. Easy. Ph pens? Oh its broken. Nice expensive continuous monitor? OK. It's cool. Expensive. And you just want it? Ok get it. And some PH test drops for back up. The ones you dip in for PH and PPM? Drawer full of broken ones. Buy quality PH up or Down. Whichever you need.

You need fans. Duct fans. And ducting. And charcoal. .. now can you buy that stuff for lots of money. Get some stickers? Yeah. Can you get ripped off on alibaba? Yeah. Is there a cheap combo on Amazon? Yes. And you should buy it. It's cheap. And it works. And Bezos has deep pockets. So if it burns down your house. Lawsuit.

Those ratchet hangers? Yes. Buy them in bulk packs. Yeah. You need extra. And they don't last forever.

A tent. Yes. I mean you can get a small one for 50 bucks sometimes. You guessed it. Prime. It's either tent. Or build a room. Zipper counts. Some pinholes? Doesn't.

Some 5 gallon buckets. You need em. You just do.

Aquarium pump. Air stones. There is essentially one brand to get. More air is better. Cheap stones.. all the same place for cheap. If your watering a media or soil. You still need to aerate your water. So even a 12 dollar pump and stone will do.

Lights. .. spend a little or spend a lot. Uo to you. Digital 600 watt air cooled combos in a 5x5? Yes. But buy the 1000 watt with dimmer and overdrive. And buy 600 watt bulbs and switch it down to 600. That's way you can use the 1000 watt in cold months if you can keep it cool. It's a few bucks to have the most options in the budget range.
LED? Those also exist.
CMH? You betcha. (CMH air cooled 630) sweet. Opinions a plenty. Try em all if you want. UVB? Yeah. They sell those to boost your grow. Don't stress it. You can go as cheap as 150 bucks for a 600 combo. Or a 2800 dollar LED array. Do you.

Those 20 dollar Honeywell fans. The round ones. They can can from underneath off ratchet straps. Buy 2 per tent. And if the room the tents are in get stuffy get one more. Clip on fans built for tents for 40 bucks? They exist. But like ask why.

What is a great accessory you should spend a few bucks on? A wifi controlled thermostat. I like inkbird. Cheap. Works.
Hook that bad boy up to a fan or small window AC. Or 500 watt heater. Let's you know when a problem pops up.

Humidifier in a tent? No. And no to those small dehumidifier (peltier) units. Useless. You can use a humidifier in your room. Not inside a tent. It doesn't work out. They make cheap wife controllers for it too. More to it. But to keep it simple. Have the tent intake intake filtered air. If you want more humidity control the room. Not the tent. Bigger room. Different rules. Keep the room the tent lives in cool and clean with the right humidity. I prefer 45%. At 74. To keep my buckets cool. Slightly more heat for soil.

Clones. You can buy a 24 site cloner for 50 bucks shipped. Comes with everything but the patience you need. Rhymes with Bydro Bowrld I think. Cubes? Fine too. I moved away from em. Less issues. Cloning collars. Water. Tap. Cloner. Little bit of light. And up to 3 weeks.

An accessory you didn't know you need. The garden cloche. Comes in different sizes. It's a protective dome. Yes. Your bucket cloner. They make different sizes. If you want one. They make em.

The 3 in 1 garden meter. "You over watered it".

Those garden centers with the truckloads of those bales of ProMix. Yeah shop there if the price is good.

Your media. Should love to dry our. Or be some kick ass soil made for the task. Your nutrients. That's your circus. Your monkeys. Do what works $$$$.

DWC. yeah. It's great. Needs daily observation and PH testing. And top ups. I prefer not linking the buckets. I swap a new bucket in once a week. Fresh nutrient mix. Bleach the old ones. And scrub the salt with hot water and my hands after the bleach. Soil dumps.... suck. DWC. Heavy. If you're not strong. Go smaller 3.5 gallon. Or a different route all together.

Keep it simple at first. Relax while you garden. That's the point. Unless it's your job. Then get the weight and do what it takes.

Prevent pests. Treat for fungus and pests. Once a week. No matter what. Until you see buds start. You get lucky for so long. But. Just do it.

Defoliate. To prevent mold and bugs in the tent.

Diatomaceous Earth is like dumping mountains of glass shards on bugs that kills then by drying them out. It's a useful tool. Dust bulbs. They work.

Sulphur burners... only if you know what you're doing. Pro.

CO2. You probably shouldn't use it in a building you sleep in. In case a problem happens. And you all suffocate in your sleep. In your shed. Sealed. With AC. Yeah. Giver.

Being a dick to people. I mean maybe don't. It's a hobby where we grow weed to smoke. Like common hippies.

Harsh chemicals designed to kill pests on roses. Tempting.. but. I don't. I use the mildest pesticide and fungus control I can. Becuase I smoke and eat it.

Buy a couple quality grow books. With pictures. And make notes. And learn. And meet the goals you have. Big yields of mids? A quarter pound of Dr. Grinspoon for a college reunion? Or you just want to grow to give it away and you have a bunch of nutirent blends you make organically.

If you make a help me out thread. List your
Lights: type. Height.
Temps: day and night. High and low.
Humidity: day and night. High and low
Your feeding: brand. Amount . Ph. Etc.
Problem: short and simple. What's wrong.
Smoke one: chill out about it.
Use the forum and your reference material to sort it out.

The thing to do for a lot of disasters.
Take it in the shower. Rinse out the media. Wash off the bugs. Run the water through the pot until it's clear. Wash it down. When it perks back up treat it with your sprays. After I'd dries out. Feed it.

Ok. Now that you over watered it know it's better to have droopy leaves than to drown away. Plants let you know if they're too thrifty. Relax.

Good luck.


This is the guy i saw on reddit who eats spores because growing shrooms is too hard. "Waste of time. But here's how you do it"
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