Your opinion on those strains / seed banks?

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First of all, let me point out that I'm new here, so if I accidentally did anything wrong, please bare with me.

A friend of mine brought some seeds from the Netherlands, but in order to hide them, while crossing the borders he removed the packaging, and imported the seeds only, each carefully warped and labeled, packed inside a hard plastic case.

He gave me only 2 seeds as a gift, but they are from somewhat little known seed companies, at least as far as I know.

A picture says more than a 100 words so here we go:
Please let me know if those seeds are any good, because I intend to sprout them :)!

I have 2 seeds - one Shiva and one BubbleGum.

I was unable to find the website of this particular seed bank, as many try to use the "amsterdam" keyword.

My friend also has Hawaii White from El Candestino.
Was this a better choice? I already choose the BubbleGum and Shiva strains.

This is the info i found so far:

This strain is named after Shiva, Hindu god of transformation. Shiva has genetics from India giving it a pungent Eastern spicy aroma. Shiva is a bushy plant with good yield and quality. Shiva is vigorous and pest resistant making it a good choice for the less experienced grower. Shiva has an exotic flavour and produces a heavy stone.
º Genotype:Mostly Indica (70% Indica / 30% SativaHe says that it is not possible to give exact sativa/indica percentages, but reveals that the genetic background of Bubble Gum consists of three different exotic sativas, amongst them Mexican and Columbian, and an Afghani indica. )
º Plant height: Medium Plant
º Stoned or high?: Medium Indica/Sativa
º THC level: High THC
º Flowering Weeks: 8/9 (56-63 Days flowering)
º Yield : 400/500
º Harvest Month: 9/10

Bubble Gum
High Times Cannabis Cup 2nd prize 1999
High Times Cannabis Cup 2nd prize 1995
Winner of two awards in the High Times Cannabis Cup 1994
Legendary for its sweet smell and euphoric high.
º Genotype: Hybrid (Mostly Indica)
º Plant height: Medium tall
º Stoned or high?: Sativa / Indica
º THC level: Sativa / Indica
º Flowering Weeks: 8/9 (56-63 Days flowering)
º Yield : 300-450 g/m2
º Harvest Month: 15-31 October

So my questions are:
-1. Is this seed supplier" Amsterdam Seeds" reliable?
-2. Will I be disappointed with those seeds I currently have now? Also are they feminized? (I guess not..i hope i get lucky with the sex.)

Thanks for the attention, any help is greatly appreciated
Just for the stats this is my second grow with seeds bought from a "shop".
Previously I had 2 x Leda Uno's (outdoor) form KC brains and they developed quite well, although I prefer indicas, smoked them with pleasure.


im not sure about the company i to have a pack of there blueberry that were given to me at the cannabis cup, but judging by the speil on the back they dont know what there doing lol.


I've heard of Amsterdam Seeds before. I believe they are now called the Global seedbank.

Anyway, never tried their stuff before, my friend grew out some freebies from them, including the bubblegum and the Shiva.

I'd say you should probably get rid of the BubbleGum, but that's just because I hate the strain and don't buy anything that's been touched by it.

The Shiva's probably worth trying out though, my friend got 2 bad ass phenos from his, and if nothing else, it's an awesome strain to cross with (especially if you're lucky enough to get more than one good male to cross with)


so this means this is not total garbage?
cool then! i am an indica type of guy so i hope the bublegum will suit me as well.
i will be getting some seeds real soon, i am looking forward for advice - what strain shall i buy, and what seed bank? Shall i go for barney's, dutch passion, sensi-seeds or some1 else?
i need powerful , pungent and short indica's, perhaps hindu kush, or master kush from dutch passion?

edit:@matkins1234 btw what is it that bothers you in the bb gum variety?
the yield, perhaps some growing issues, or is it taste/smell or it's effect that you do not like?


Bubblegum isn't terrible, and I've seen it grown well too. My problem with it is that I have a very very high tolerance, so when I smoke something with 8 percent THC I have to smoke a LOT of it to get where I need. It's not a bad smoke, the taste is pretty good, it just isn't very potent.


BUY SOME C4 from thcbay from chimera chimera should have C4 back up soon its like some crazy mix of danky sweet flavors and a shiva shanti i think!!! you will prob really like it ITS KILLER of an indica

Bill Bloome

I bought some Ganja Dwarfs from Amsterdam Seeds and despite their advertised germ ratio of 90% ,2 of 10 popped.My homie gave gave me 5 seeds.from Greenhouse and 3 came up.We smoked some of his Diesel from Greenhouse and I thought it was not what it should have been.NO MORE.Now I buy my seed from thcBay and am more than pleased.Nuff said!
Texas Kid

Texas Kid

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What is the current rep of Dr.Chronic seed bank?

There are some things there I want..



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Texas Kid, Not so good ...from what i've been reading! What are you looking for there? Might know where they can be found! monkey5
Texas Kid

Texas Kid

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I just can't mess with feminized seeds and that is all I see from World of Seeds landrace stuff that Attitude has.



i must say, outside of the Farm & THCbay, world of seeds does some damn fine work.

i love their gear.

my WOS afghan kush (mother) is a just beautiful plant.

hearty, great structure, beefy, fast growth... top quality pheno in every aspect.

last time i looked : : had a few WOS regular (non-fem) landrace strains.
Texas Kid

Texas Kid

Some guy with a light
Contacted them dorectly, talk about customer service, daaaaammmmmnnnnn these guys check their e-mails and respond with the quickness..

Goodies a comin...



Pisces Genetics
Good deal TK.:banana1sv6:
Their Wild Thai from Koh Chang has my attention. Smell and taste-wise it sounds almost like dj short's description of his Juicy Fruit Thai that came out of Highland Thai...except it won't flower for 4-5 months like dj's.
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