Zen’s SCROG Winter 2022 to 2023

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So I’m feeling like my posts might be stepping on others threads so I’ll start my own. Not a cry for help this time but to show what has worked and what’s currently going on.

Two weeks after stretch when buds really started coming in. This is the end of the first week after stretch, so week one of flower.

Zens scrog winter 2022 to 2023

Zens scrog winter 2022 to 2023 2

Still need to get feeding figured out but she’s almost outgrown the tent.

Lag is starting so I guess I’m done for the day.


Looking good today. Top soil is damp. Letting it rest after trimming.

I am a little worried it might have light burn issues just starting but now I think she might be turning her top fan leaves purple.

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We’ll see tomorrow. Her sister seed the entire 3’ plant turned purple/black. It was my best grow. Still have some! It’s by far our favourite.

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7pm lights on.


First time using this light and fan/controller.

Canopy seems lighter, a bit more yellow. Purple is stronger on two leaves, one has yellow as well. Leaves only have a touch of tip burn. No curl unless near circulation fan. Noticed one has very small pin head brown spots.

Plant grew 2” in the last 48hrs. Bottom of white sensor is 12” from LED. Can’t raise the light any further.


Light: Photontek SQ300W
Tent: 2 in 1 (3 in 1) no name (Viviosun?)
Zone 1 = 3’x1’x2’
Zone 2 = 3’x1’x4’
Zone 3 = 3’x3’x6’
Intake Fan: ACI Raxial Inline Duct Booster Fan with Speed Controller
Output Fan: ACI Cloudline T6 6" Inline Fan with Controller 67
Circulation Fan: CT 4” 5v clip-on


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More purple today. 4 or 5 leaves now.

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Less than 14” at centre of canopy. Even less at the edges/corners. Bent a few down in the middle.

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My last grows purple/black colour was so cool I made it my background. 😝

I want to trim a few more leaves off the top net but they all feed a nice Bud group or stem of buds. We’ll wait and see.

Next feeding is Wednesday not much to do until then. Tend to the clones I guess.


She was pretty dry tonight so I fed her early.

Mix is per 4L:
10ml Pro Mix 3-6-12
15ml Epsom salt

Total of 10L @ PH 6.6

More purple spreading around. Buds and sugar leaves growing nicely.

Tried to pull/bend down a few bigger branches and “S” hook them but after a few I felt/heard one pop. Think it split where I bent it 90* earlier.

Back to about 12” from the light but I fear breaking more branches.

This is already becoming half SCROG and half trellis now.


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They keep reaching and are really putting on the suntan lotion. Frosty and purple, spreading daily now.

No where left to move the light. No where to tie down branches without blocking and/or breaking others. Never thought this would be a problem.

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I really want to trim out a few more fan leaves but they are all needed. And I hate doing trimming in flower. Just feels wrong.

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At least the intake fan and clip fan are keeping the air flow steady. I point the clip on in different directions as the need or mood moves me.

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They all keep pulling back up with more bud sites. I fear fox tails starting this close to the light.

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Anyone know how to rotate a pic? Haven’t done this forum stuff in a while. 🤷‍♂️

Had to take out the lettuce today. The canopy and hight of the light is depriving it of light. It’s not drinking or maintaining leaves. I won’t need one again until the next single plant grow but I hate to leave it. Just nowhere to put it. 😔

Pots still damp and tips still brown. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.
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I’m in love with your double topped table!
It was designed and built in haste but saved my butt. Due to healing it grew taller than planned. Had to make leg extensions. Then no one had good nets in stock so I had to take 6”sq nylon. It cuts rather than cradles the branches.

I also forgot to offset the legs so it can fold flat to store. I’ll fix that after harvest.

The ladies are lovely!
Thank you. Just one lady in a FrankenSCROG. 😝


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More purple, more frost. It does seem to have stopped stretching out. 🤞

Bud sites are swelling and feeling firmer.

I’ve been advised to tuck it in but I can’t, I’m a coward. This is the biggest plant I’ve grown and I don’t want to muck it up. I should have tucked it in again after 2” - 3” but it was healing and I missed it. Now at 6”+ above the net I can’t pull the branches down far enough. 🐓💩

Bud sites range from 10” - 14” from the LED.

Rather than just water I fed her again last night.

Mix is per 3.5L:
15ml Epsom
9ml 3-6-12
6ml Fish Sh!t

Took 10L @ pH6.6 with about 200ml runoff.

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