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02-14-20 week 8 final week of flower. flush, water and uc [email protected], ph 5.8. everything seems to be finishing well. tricone production really increased in the last couple of weeks. flush will last 3-5 days till harvest. the first 3 pictures are broad pictures at three different locations in my small 8x9 room. the next 6 pictures are from right to left what i call moduals 1-6. again shitty pictures.


harvest, total disappointment with these Ethos zour apple. i have 6 feno types. 2 of them totally suck, 3 of them seem ok. it seems before smoking i may have found one keeper in structure. tall to medium hight nice buds and seem to have plenty of resin.

they're quite unstable and all over place. my plants run 1-6 starting at the right rear wall.1-2-3 0n the right. from the top 4-5-6. six being across from one.
#1-6.5 #2-14.5 #3-2.0 #4-4.0 #5-3.0 #6-3.5

this was the first time i have ever started from seed in the UC, and it will be the last.

i have cleaned and replanted . four #2 ethos zour apple clones and 2-ayahuasca purple clones .
should have better results!

sucks to spend $100 get 6 seeds and find one worth keeping (think i got lucky) . the worst part is because i was ordering seeds and getting them with in 3 days i also ordered orange velvet underground RBX, insane in the membrane, and mandarin cookies R1V2 these are all feminized . we'll see what happens when i start them in promix in the future.

the next project , beans i am going to crack are malawi gold X OG kush IBL by gold crown seeds suppose to be high in thcv


after growing these seeds out i found one keeper. cloned and grew it out and flowered them with much better results (beginning of week 7) . lesson learned this was my first and last
grow from seed in the UC.
Vaqueros Verde

Vaqueros Verde

Shit man, I think you had a a good run from those seeds. Show me any breeder that I can get cookie cutter plants out of one pack? Believe me I have thousands of dollars invested in seeds from "respectable" and some not so respectable breeders. At the end of the day when you are popping anyones seeds it is a crapshoot.

How many stories are out there of one seed found in a bag and BAM it turns out to be a legend and has been passed around for decades and used in hundreds of crosses?

Keep cracking those beans! You might be famous some day.
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