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Bubblelicious And Dinamed Cbd Grow Diary

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by MissBotany, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. This will be grow diary... first time grower
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  2. Set up: Galaxyhydro 600W LED Plant Grow Light Full Spectrum with UV&IR in 36x36x72" grow tent. I also have an iPower carbon filter and an inline fan that I plan to use during the flowering phase and late vegetative phase to control smell. My growing medium is FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil that I put in 3 gallon air pots. My nutrients of choice are General Hydroponics FloraMicro, FloraGro and FloraBloom. I am still researching the best carbohydrate to add (in addition to FloraBloom) during the flowering phase and the searching for the best way to increase trichome production. So any suggestions would be awesome.

    Issues: My biggest issues thus far have been maintaining the ideal humidity and temperature simultaneously. My grow tent is in our office which is located in the basement so its always cold in the room. Right now I have the bottom 6" vent open and a small desk fan blowing cold air into the tent and that keeps the temp at a nice 78/79 F. I just opened a top vent to let some of the stagnant air out to improve air circulation in the tent. However, doing that does cause the humidity to drop too low so I'm experimenting on how to keep the humidity up and keeping the temp in the ideal range simultaneously. I also had to cut my nutrients way back and adjust the water pH to a 6.5 since i was running into issues. Other than that they are growing nicely. I am waiting for a few more nodes to grow before I top them (building my scrog now).

    That seed baby is my Dinamed CBD (14% CBD, 0.5% THC) and two in the grow tent are Bublelicious Feminized (medium levels of THC and high levels of CBD). Bubblelicious is for the husband.
  3. Looking healthy so far which is always a good thing for a first timer. As for some carbs if you wanna use one from a nutrient company I'd go with botanicare's sweet raw but honestly you can get all the carbs you need from old fashioned blackstrap molasses.
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  4. Bubblicious? Wow. I grew that strain about 10 years ago. Surprised it’s still around. Vegged really slow and didn’t yield very well but the tast was out of this world.

    Looking forward to watching what you can do with it.
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  5. Good to know! I noticed that it is growing really slow too. That's why I cut back on the nutes, thought it might be a nitrogen abundance because the the leaves were turning a darker shade of green. maybe not though.... i'll see how they continue to grow with the nutes cut in half.
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  6. Looks like you’re off to a great start. Subbed for the show and welcome to the farm.
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  7. Today I decided to top my two bubblelicious girls and put my dinamed CBD seedling in the grow tent. I figured she would benefit from the humidity since it’s so cold and dry in our office/grow room. Will put the scrog in soon. Build of that is still in progress. Fingers crossed that my bubblelicious plants rebound nicely!

    The fur baby is always curious. I caught him sleeping in the grow tent the other day so I had to make the bottom level vent smaller so he can’t climb in again.
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  8. Good call making the vent smaller. Cats love Cannabis. Almost as much as catnip. It would really suck to check on you plants and Fluffy has chewed them to the ground.
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  9. Yeah, cats are notorious plant toppers.
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  10. Chewed my Arse..LMAO

    Welcome to the farm..
    cat 3.gif cat1.gif cat.jpg
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  11. You guys are too funny! He was actually rolling around in the clippings too. I’ll have to seriously consider the cat as a threat.
  12. GrowGod

    GrowGod BANNED! Supporter

    Bubblelicous is old school! Look forward to da show!
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  13. Good luck. . .Just started a Dinamed seed and a Candida CD1 and they both popped on the second day. Also have a Strawberry Cough, Critical Kush, GSC , and White Widow. Happy Growing . Will be subbed in.
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  14. Today I finally decided to admit my defeat of effectively managing the humidity without adding a humidifier. So I put a cool mist humidifier in the tent and settled on a medium high setting. The humidifier is keeping the humidity between 45-50%.

    Also, I could no believe the growth from last night after topping them! My Dinamed CBD seedling is also loving the LEDs. I have to comment on the smell of the bubblelicious strain. It has such a sweet, candy-like smell, if this is any precursor of what is to come, I am so excited!

    This hybrid is definitely showing Indica dominance. With this said, I’m debating on if I should make my scrog shorter so it’s 8” from the soil or stick with my original plan of 10” from the soil.

    Here’s a picture of today, you should be able to see the growth. (They were just watered,no nutrients today.)
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  15. Looking good MissBotany!
    I would count on the plant stretching between 1-3 x to plan scrog height..

    All is good..WAIT!! WTF..a Pink Solo Cup..Good thing they don't make pink Smart pots..LMAO:badboy:
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  16. PS..Hope you have good air movement and exhaust..:)
  17. That little seedling is mine. I thought a pink cup was fitting for her :)
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  18. That little seedling is mine. I thought a pink cup was fitting her
    I have surprisingly good air circulation going on. I also have the inline fan and carbon filter set up to use when things progress further.
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  19. "That little seedling is mine. I thought a pink cup was fitting her"
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  20. Your going to want your net about a foot off the pots. Some go higher for more veg, which is just fine. But you want at least the foot to have enough room to work under the net. My first SCRoG was about 8” off the pot and I’m a big guy. It was such a pain for me to try to get under the net to water or prune. Just a helpful tip.
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