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Cannabis Coconut Oil?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Recipes' started by nbboutique, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. I have a bunch of trim I would like to work up into coconut oil - Is is ok to can this up for long term storage in pint jars and then store in a cool dark place?
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  2. Dan789


    I regularly utilize coconut oil for caps, & for a salve. Are you saying for storage?
    PS my preferred method is the “magic butter maker”.
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  3. I use coconut oil for caps too. I decarb the weed first and then heat it in the oil and strain. I have never tried to do any storage except in the refrigerator/freezer but coconut oil is supposed to have antibacterial properties so it may be fine. We store the straight oil un-refridgerated and it doesn't go bad. I do know that canna-butter does go moldy even in the fridge after enough time though.
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  4. Yes, for storage, i would like to make a bunch and can it up in jelly jars to keep it fresh, i am only adding a spoonfull to my coffee and with kids in the house(teenagers) i would rather not have a half gallon of the stuff available in the fridge :(
  5. I would recommend freezing it the canna coco oil after you figure out the dosing. It's easy to do and will last longer that way.
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  6. Grab a minifridge for your room
  7. Dan789


    Dosing will be by chance, strength you started with, how much transfers, how well was it decarbonized, how much gets lost in freezing, etc... good luck though.
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  8. Coconut oil becomes a solid at anything below 76 degrees. It will last just fine for st least a couple years if kept in a cool dark place.

    My caps are stored in a dark glass bottle at room temp, but only because I don’t keep these kinds of products in public view (fridge).
  9. the appropriate amount of time will depend mostly on your chosen storage method and the type of product that you are storing.

    Silicone containers: This method is ideal for short-term storage. Try to choose a container that is close in size to the quantity of concentrate that you will be storing. This minimizes the risk of moisture buildup.
    Airtight containers: For storing concentrates for up to a month, wrap small quantities in parchment paper and then seal these individually wrapped pieces inside a zip-lock food bag. Place this into an airtight container.
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  10. gwheels


    freeze it...the plant matter that may be in the coconut oil can cause it to mold at room temp....butter is worse.

    I now freeze my coconut oil in ice cube trays (each is 2 tablespoons) then if i bake something that takes a cup i know i need 8 ice cubes.
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