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Dbl Sour D, Blue Dream, & Lemon Skunk... Oh My!

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by Nobody116, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. Been a while since I bothered posting to any forums. So here we go.

    Just a little of what's going on in my retarded neck of the woods ;)
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  2. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

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  3. Thank you!
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  4. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Hey good show mate!
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  5. Some Blue Dream, (clone only var), 49 daze
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  6. Thanks!
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  7. Hydro Blue Dream day 27.
    Stretch was about 1.5X
  8. ECSD AJ cut day 62... I can almost taste it.
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  9. Those are some beautiful looking buds !
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  10. Thank you greencraft, I'm just getting back into my groove.
    I'll be starting to harvest a few probably starting on Monday.
    I'm running perpetual so there's always bud porn to go around :D
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  11. What are you running for a light? Get it a little closer. Fatten up those bottom buds. But those are getting nice and frosty. Good stuff!
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  12. Some Dbl Sour Diesel
  13. Same bud as above but lovingly manicured
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  14. First two pics are a Blue Dream that is very near ready to be chopped.

    Next is another Blue Dream, not as far along.

    Next pic is the CBD strain I was given close to a year ago now I guess. Still can’t remember the name

    Next is a small Lemon Skunk I pollinated today. I still have plenty of pollen left. I’m thinking about making some Blue Lemon seeds? See how that works out?

    Next... Uh Oh... Mango!

    Next is a new winter hardy strain I’m testing.
    Look at all the crystals

    Hope everyone is having a good week so far. If you’re not, you probably need more dope ✌
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  15. I recently upgraded from kerosene to electrikity a short ago lol

    I've got a mix of pretty much everything. Flouro, HID, & LED.
    I move'em, use'em, & abuse'em as need. Option #3 is never intentional. But it happens :(

    Not too concerned with lower bud normally, it's oil good ;)

    I'm just glad I was able to do just enough to keep everything rolling after having surgery. I really thought it was all gonna go to shit personally.

    I know my doctor would not have been happy with me. But if you expect me to sit / lay around for more than a few days, you had better be prepared to restrain me. And you will meet resistance when you try ;)

    It was a rough grow cycle to say the least. I'm getting back on track though.
  16. Oh good combo. Best possible spectrum you can deliver buds look frosty and religious. You have your curing game down pat?
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  17. OH yeah DD, IMO, curing is more important than nearly anything else. I say that because you can grow the dankest smoke in town. But if you don't cure proper, it's practically compost.

    I have a 3 prong requirement for all strains I grow.
    1. Smell. If it smells like crap when you crack the bag. That right there is enough for me to pass on it. It has to smell like an expensive french whore, not a cheap one ;)

    2. Taste. Pretty much the same as above. Just replace smell with taste.

    3. Unless is Sativa dom, it's gotta have a hammer.

    If it's missing one of those 3 things, I don't grow it again. So basically, I'm in it for quality. Not quantity, but I do strive to get quantity as well. As long as it doesn't take away from the quality ;)

    I guess it goes without saying, I'm a picky person :)
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  18. Something that just popped into my head...

    Does anyone know if I can harvest pollen before the sacs blow out. Or if there's a few already popping, the rest are mature enough to harvest?

    It would make pollen harvesting a lot easier and eliminate problems with errant pollen.
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  20. 10% / 5% CBD strain
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