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Gavita pro 600 / LEP 300 PLASMA test

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by theherbalizor, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. theherbalizor

    theherbalizor Premium Member Supporter

    No, they are very good for flowering, but you must remember that they are only around 180w of light output so one shouldn't aim to be getting much more than 180g from a single LEP 300.

    They have already proven themselves to produce superior bud to hps when flowered on their own, just a small amount as the wattage is small.

    Gavita will never market this device to perform the same as a 600w hps. Gavita are based on science unlike some of these other companies that offer Chinese made lights.
  2. Elite Nugs

    Elite Nugs Guest

    I was trying to dig up information and a place in the US to buy them all morning, and couldnt find anything. About how much does the 1,000 watt system run?? Do you have any links to where they sell them?? Even UK links??

    Even Gavita's website didnt seem to provide much info. Or maybe I missed it. I thought that plasma's would give a wider spectrum, but they seem to give off a very simulair spectrum as HPS. Or maybe I again didnt find the correct info.

    Im super curious about these.
  3. Loving the science part. It's the one thing quite blatantly missing from the entire marketplace.

    I'd give scrog a swerve too. Been trying it out and it's definitely a skill to develop and mine are pretty crap :)

  4. If you look carefully at the light spectrum graph for HPS and MH bulbs, you'll find that while they provide some light all across the spectrum, most of their output is stacked up hard in yellow and greenish bands- fine for human vision, not so great for plants.

    Looking closely at the LEP spectrum, you'll notice that it's a very nice curve, with few spikes or dips all the way across the entire spectrum. This means that the LEP is providing MORE light at most spectra than HPS or MH of similar wattage- the only exceptions being those aforementioned spikes in the marginally useful yellow and green bands.

    This is why I'm so interested in these light sources. I still would very much like to see at least somewhat higher total output, but if these can be made more affordable, I'm sure I can find a way to make them work for me!

    A company that actually likes and builds on its reputation for integrity is to be applauded- and supported in the marketplace. It isn't easy being the prime mover in a market such as this, because you know you're going to have a big fat target painted on your product for all others to beat with their designs.

    SCROG really doesn't have to be at all difficult. Top the plant when it's relatively small, and then train the stems out. When the stems get to the point where they're covering much of the screen, flip them into flower. Not so hard.

    The only tricks to keep in mind are these; first, that sativas of course stretch much more than indicas, so flip your sativa SCROG with less surface area covered and indicas with more, and second, that the plants will only stretch for the first 2-3 weeks of flowering. After that, let them grow!
  5. theherbalizor

    theherbalizor Premium Member Supporter

    Scrogging is great fun and I've achieved great results, infact the best. But would be too much ball ache on this run. I need my arms extended to 1.5 m length so I can scrog the rear plants, or make it modular which is difficult with smart pots.

    So some pea netting will be lowered over canopy for support once things have stretched into place.

    I will continue to bend and lst so as to keep even canopy. The sours and casey do like to bolt.
  6. Elite Nugs

    Elite Nugs Guest

    Yeah... I know about spectrum, par, lumens, lux, inverse square law... and all that good stuff. I was looking for some information on the light. The spectrum curve you spoke of.... I didnt see one. I just saw a jagged one that looked identical to an hps curve.
  7. links to spectral graphs for LEP vs. HPS

    Here's a webpage on Gavita's site that has a spectral distribution graph of the Pro LEP.

    This is a page from GE's EYE Hortilux website, showing a similar spectral distribution graph for their 'super' HPS bulb:

    Notice that the LEP graph shows a great deal more area- that's light emitted- under the curve, where the HPS is very spiky, especially in the less useful green and yellow bands of the light spectrum.

    More light emitted in plant usable bands means better growth for the watts invested. And all that good stuff...
  8. Elite Nugs

    Elite Nugs Guest

    This is all I was looking for.

  9. Yeah.... now that's what I call a very nice light for growing things under.

    I'm a bit confused about the desirability of running an HPS in conjunction with LEP? Wazzup and Theherbalizor have both alluded to these working better together than apart, could you- or anyone- elaborate on this point?
  10. Elite Nugs

    Elite Nugs Guest

    I dont want to speak for him.... But I would just use it as a supplemental light as well. It has a nice spectrum... but lacking intensity. If he was running the 1000, then you should be good to go.
  11. nuttso


    Good informative thread. Didn't expect less from Herb and the rest of the farmers here. A question about H&G Herb. Why don't you use the shooting powder in this run?
  12. theherbalizor

    theherbalizor Premium Member Supporter

    Thanks guys.... I will be using powder on this run as I have some to use up.

    All the spectrum info I posted in the first batch of photos.

    And it's not really down to penetration or intensity that we do not suggest flowering with LEP alone it's just is only 300 w and less then 200 on the bulb. Gavita and my self are sonewhat realistic in our thoughts in that one can't get more out that what you put in.

    Got the second pro 600 sitting in the tent, just got to mount it and rejig the extract which I shall do this evening.
  13.'s just is only 300 w and less then 200 on the bulb...

    Huh? I'm not sure what you mean by 'less than 200 on the bulb'?
  14. theherbalizor

    theherbalizor Premium Member Supporter

    Whilst the unit is rated as 300w, that is the power consumption, not light output.

    The bulb it self is outputting around 180w I believe, whazzup can confirm this.

    Makes the unit even more amazing when one is getting such results from such little light output.
  15. Very true, and it makes me want one with higher output all the more!
  16. theherbalizor

    theherbalizor Premium Member Supporter

    Just put the finishing touches onto the room. New carbon cover, re jigging of equipment. Full 1500w now running. That's the 2 x pro 600 and the LEP.

    Temps sitting at about 27 deg. So all good.

    Will get some shots in a bit, just stopped for some rehydration.
  17. theherbalizor

    theherbalizor Premium Member Supporter


    2 x 600w Pro HPS and 1 x 300 Pro LEP

    I now have the LEP venting via a TD100 that is pushing cool air up from the floor thru the LEP and cooling the canopy area.

    Day 0/1 Flower


  18. Elite Nugs

    Elite Nugs Guest

    @theherbalizor Do you know of any websites that have those lights for sale?? US or UK versions... it doesnt matter. I've been looking and cant find any.
  19. 321abc


    Luxim have a 450w model in development which produces twice the light output of the 300 Lep with only an extra 150w.

    If they produce a 600w puck with more red over the spectrum then that would really be something.

    Unfortunately at the moment, LEP appears to be a very expensive "supplimentary" light to increase quality. (Although I am yet to see any documented research papers on potency increases or increased canabanoid profiles to support these claims) Unless anyone has access to any scientific research papers to support these claims, I would love to have a read.

    So I wonder how three 300w LEP's would flower. That would be 900w so would that then be comparable to a 1000w HPS? I remember reading that the Plasma alone returns well below average yeilds. Would be interesting for you to do a run with the LEP alone, to show exactly what it can do as a stand alone unit during flowering and not riding on the back of a HPS.

    If I recall the LEP is not worth running alone in flowering due to the extreme lack of red spectrum.

    Looking forward to seeing your results either way.

    Oh, side note, if you do run a side by side are you able to send of samples of your product for analysis to see if there truely is a quality increase with LEP?
  20. Elite Nugs

    Elite Nugs Guest

    I've seen dudes flowering the entire grow with MH and there wasnt a huge yield drop and those hardly have any reds in them. The LEP has much more red then an MH, and much more of a usable spectrum. So in my opinion... I think they would be great for flowering if the light was intense enough.

    So a LEP to me, would be like a daylight colored CFL on steroids. I dont see how you could go wrong with a CFL on steroids... lol