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Hydroponic Research User Thread

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by CelticEBE, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. So, after clogging up ill eagle's thread I figured it might be a good idea to start a thread just about HR and our experiences with their products.

    I was a H16 user, and still use a few of the products. I was skeptical at first. No way was a one part powder going to bring me the same success that I was getting with H16. I was wrong. I'm NOT dissing H16....not by a long shot. I love those guys and think they make a great lineup. I've just moved on.

    I recently got sent a sample of PUSH, and I have to say that I have NEVER experienced overnight changes like this. Here's two pics taken 24 hours apart. You can SEE the explosive growth between the two. I don't know what kind of magical unicorn juice Chris has put it in PUSH.......but damn!!!!

    Before foliar with PUSH

    After foliar with PUSH

    I don't know about you guys....but I am on this HR train til the wheels fall off.
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  2. Very nice I am getting my drw room set up today.
    You had said to use 100ml per gallon right. Do I need to ph it out also.
    I will take some pics today so I can also compare it to my other garden. So far this product is great. I was a general hydro guy till Monsanto bought them out. So I switched to nectar of the gods. Well let's I went deep in debt for not the best I have done I spent more got less and the crystal production was way down and slow growth unless you use bloom kaos but I found it gave me 2 times the amount of work removing little suckers parts. Then worth it.
    Now I am on veg&bloom and love it.
    They sent me the plush plus I had ordered the dirty cause I am half dirt and now moving to coco. So Zach sent me 2lbs of hd because I got the wrong one for free I offered to send back the other and pay for shipping but he said he was hooking it up and he did.
    Love this stuff I am trying to get all my friends to switch to it
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  3. I don't really adjust the ph on my foliars. My well water is slightly acidic and I cut it in half with RO for all my foliar feeds.

    I almost got on the Nectar train....and I have used a few products......but I think when I make the switch to organic I will just do amended soils and tea's. For now.......I'm on the HR train.
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  4. FooDoo


    Only thing that looks different is the color.adjustment done in the picture
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  5. I havent even got around to trying the push yet,next order i will,but you are right about chris's products,wait til you see the frost!Ive been using the dirty ,+life and +size,havent had to order in a year so ill try the new stuff soon.VB is the easiest stuff ever,its hard to beleive.Ive helped a few newbies set up rooms and always have them use VB to start and the results are like they've been growing for years,i dont think it gets any easier.
    BTW i dont ph or check anything,just tap water run through a tall boy to remove as much chlorine as possible and let it sit overnight bubbling,then add the VB,mix and water.
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  6. I actually just turned the lights down when I took the second pic. I ddin't adjust the color.

    I can see a noticeable difference in the growth. I wish I had photoshop and the skills to pin point what I am talking about......but I can sure as hell notice a difference.

    I've been using a mix of tap and dirty since I moved up North. I can't speak highly enough about it.
  7. outwest

    outwest Premium Gardener Supporter

    I'm setting up a new garden soon and thinking about going this direction in beds. How's the flavor/aroma of the flowers using V+B? @CelticEBE @fishwhistle

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  8. Aroma's are great.....some of the smelliest buds I have grown. Burns to white ash, but I flush with H16 finish or Herculean Harevst. All in all.....hands down the easiest and best nutrient program I have ever used.

  9. Outwest,Smell and trich production are great,all around super easy program,If there is any downfall at all id say maybe its flavor but you would have to be a super picky organic guy to go there.Works great in beds and any medium really,just call chris or order samples online and try it,thats what i did at first.
    They will send you enough to get you through a test run and try it out and you can see for yourself,sixstring got a sample pack and he posted a couple pics here,
    I know i was not a beleiver but i was after i tried it.
  10. I'm glad I came across these threads about this product.
    I emailed them last evening to see about getting a sample. Hopefully they email me back.
    Just curious to what people are getting in the sample pack? How much is the shipping for the samples?
    Everyone's pics look great.
    I'm really wanting to dumb down my nutrients from over 5 bottles down to a couple items.
  11. They originally sent me the dirty formula,+life and +size,if you tell him your medium and grow style he will send you something tailored for you.I cant remember but i dont think he even charged shipping or it was minimal.You can call him too if you have questions.
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  12. I'm super stoked to try this stuff out. Really hoping I can get a sample pack. I can't seem to find it locally at either shop I go by from.
    On the website they ask all the necessary questions about your grow.
  13. Veg bloom is good stuff, im a fan. All these were run with veg bloom adding cal, mag, and mkp. Ec 1.6-1.8 ph 5.8-6.3 IMG_20141016_130439.jpg IMG_20140819_151751.jpg IMG_20140424_164251733_HDR.jpg IMG_0531.jpg IMG_20141108_101114835.jpg
  14. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light

    I'm running Veg & Bloom, Life, Size, with OSA28 right now and its killing it over Cyco and H& my nute cost down to $.53 per gallon and I think I can get down into the low $.40 per gallon range pretty easy
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  15. Jeeesus .53 cents a gallon is insane, you should be able to run it closer to .15-.20 cents/gal with veg bloom...that osa is some $$$$ could be saving hundreds of dollars every day cutting that product out.
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  16. Then again, all I've heard is a hype train I have yet to see any results from friends using osa that say its worth doubling your nutrient cost
  17. Smokey ive never seen the stuff at any hydro shop ive ever been at.I think hydro shops hate the stuff personally,they make their living off selling you expensive stuff that is mostly water,this is not conducive to that business model,lol.
    When i first read about it i thought it was hyped BS,I would have sworn @illeagle was actually a VB shill,maybe even chris himself but now it doesnt even matter because i know it works that well,Props to @illeagle for bringing it to my attention.
    @[email protected] have you guys tried the PUSH that celtic is talking about in the beginning of this thread?

  18. I hear you on some shops not wanting to carry lower priced nutrients.
    I'm a long time cns17 user and the shop refuses to carry it because it's cheap and works well.
    I really like saving money. Hopefully the Hydroponic Research nutes work great with my grow. Really liking what I have been reading.
  19. outwest

    outwest Premium Gardener Supporter

    @We Solidarity is the CalMag needed? Does it depend on the formula being used?

    Can I run this in soil and water it like I'd water soil, meaning little to no runoff? I'd rather not have a lot of runoff flushing down the drain as I'm in a rural area and would rather not be flushing a lot of Nutes down the drain.

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  20. HR sales are about to go through the roof thanks to @Texas Kid !!! Now you have me curious about the OSA/28

    So part of why I wanted to create this thread is so that HR users could come together and share their experiences with the line, how they use it, and if you use any other additives. That and to show people how awesome HR products are. Chris has been really good to me, so I want to see him do well.

    I'm not currently set up to be able to have drain to waste. When I do, all my waste will be pumped off into my veggie garden. That being said, I am in coco and I do a nute, nute, nute water, nute, nute and water. On the days that I water, I add the +Life, Heavy 16 Finish or Herculean Harvest, and a little bit of molasses or agave nectar. During veg and the first couple of weeks into flower I have been using Root Enhance....but that is it.

    I'm also using a blend of 2/3rds tap and 1/3rd dirty. I plan on switching over to HD when my supply runs out. After my first run with V+B I drove down to San Diego and picked up 75lbs of tap......still burning that up. When I was there I grabbed some of the fwok and I have used it on a mom, but not in a room yet. Plan on doing a few plants on my next run in the fwok to see how it stacks up against my coco.

    @outwest if you are using the HD formula.....there is a lot more calmag in that than in the other formulations.