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Identifying Sex, And White Growth

Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by SoLowDolo, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. I put this 4 kings in my flower tent almost 2 weeks ago. It kinda looks female in some spots but male in others. It has almost no hairs but it has what looks like a calyx, but with a white growth coming out the side and not the tip. I tried to get pics but it was hard to get. IMG_20190122_182551876.jpg IMG_20190122_182523262.jpg IMG_20190122_183013773.jpg IMG_20190122_182147707.jpg
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  2. Idk the pics definately suck. Can’t see much. I think I see what you’re talking about but can’t really see it.
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  3. IMG_20190122_192529_030.jpg IMG_20190122_192621_554.jpg IMG_20190122_192718_852.jpg
  4. It looks like the two pistils are stuck together and curled into the calyx. I’ve had it happen to me a few times.
  5. I'll try n get better pics but I circled it for now lol
  6. I should also mention I've seen it in multiple spots
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  7. I agree they are clumped together from what i can see. You can see the little pre pistils on the other side looking normal.
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  8. Awesome, so it looks female then? It's my first grow with regulars and I haven't had trouble identifying sex until this plant. The others showed pistils much sooner. And it's been 2 weeks and just these one or two at the top which are hard to even recognize...
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  9. This plant just grows weird I guess... Notice the stipule, it's like twisted and folded over with a little hair peeking out.

    This is the node below it
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  10. This is why I thought it was male
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  11. I would have thought so too..Patience always pays off!
  12. Bud those new pics look like they are male. The first balls. Keep a close eye.

    The first pics i commented on were much blurrier.
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  13. Madbud


    99% sure its male
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  14. id Watch it close. Maybe herm? I think I agree with madbud and MImed
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  15. Yeah I'm gonna keep a close eye. I just pulled a Herm out of my tent the other day. They sure can sneak up on ya.
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  16. I'm leaning towards Hermie. But what are the odds that I would get 2 true herms out of like ten plants!? That's bad luck lol.

    But I definitely see a little hair poking out of the tip of this. IMG_20190123_064227_719.jpg

    But even on this pic, one side is round like a ball, but right beside it is shaped like a calyx but without a hair coming out of it
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  17. NHWhites


    Possible light leak?
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  18. I suppose a pinhole leak is possible. Although my tent is in my basement and I usually keep the lights off down there too.

    Sometimes I go down there when the plants are sleeping, but never for very long and I never open the tent.

    I was under the impression a light leak could cause nanners. So it can also cause this too?
  19. Alright, just checked on them real quick at lights on. This is 100% not male. It's either Hermie or female.

    I got another 4 kings going right now. Just 2 of them. It looks the same way. Pistils at the top. And what "appears" to be balls at the bottom. I'm holding out hope they're not. I'll try to get better pics later. If they are both hermies, something is seriously fucked here...
  20. I don't remember if you mentioned the breeder..NOT to disparage anyone, just to know. Those things give me the creeps!
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