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Incogneato's Veg(ina) Box

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by incogneato, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Well the last journal was derailed by bad germination and I didn't feel like starting a new journal til I knew what I was running. I have 5 different strains in a 4x4 tent. I'm under some CFL's until they are all caught up and ready for some real light.
    The setup:
    4x4 tent
    600w solis tek mh for veg
    1000 hortilux hps for flower
    XXXL magnum 8 inch air cooled hood
    Soil is a mix of black gold water hold coco blend and black magic potting soil with perlite for drainage
    Cloth air pots
    Nectar for the gods nutes and bio root
    The strains:
    Holy grail kush
    Spliff's Strawberry
    Grow your own R.K.S
    Caanelope haze
    Pink diesel x Amnesia auto
    The hgk is a month from seed and the cannalope haze is 2 weeks from seed. The rest are one week from seed.
    Had some nute lockout early on. I believe the high coco content in the water hold was the cause. I did a flush of herculean harvest and it set them straight. Its a good soil just not for seedlings. Ah well live and learn 20161010_002031.jpg
  2. 20161011_015336.jpg She's into being tied up. Had to remove the first two nodes as they died off from nute lockout issues she was praying tonight for the first time in a long time :D Got the training started but I'm going to wait to top her till she's a little happier.
  3. DrMcSkunkins

    DrMcSkunkins Dabbling in Oil

    Poor thing lol, you can wait a bit to start the lst, I don't think holding down the first set of fan leaves is helping...
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  4. That's actually the third set. The first two pretty much died off from some earlier issues so I removed them
  5. 20161012_012322.jpg She says thanks @DrMcSkunkins :opps: Had a laugh and realized misplace enthusiasm can cause problems lol. They are looking way better after the herculean harvest flush. Vigor and growth have returned. I have some water bubbling for a feed tomorrow as the soil is getting dry .
    20161012_012414.jpg Cardboard and duct tape..trailer park engineering at its finest. Made an intake for the tent with a little free time tonight. Don't need it just yet but very soon. It came out pretty sturdy since the cardboard was nice and thick.I doubt I'll need it that big but I can always cover part of it to get the flow right once u get my light setup in the tent.
    20161012_014146.jpg The sprouts are popping roots so I may put them in their cups soon. I left the dome off for a few hours today for the first time. They definitely still need it. Man I can never keep it short and sweet lol :bookworm:
  6. Moto


    Looking good on the journal and nice setup. :) I love some HGK and look forward to seeing your ladies in flower.

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  7. Thanks brotha, I can't wait to see em in flower either lol. Your gardens looking nice too. Was lurkin thru yesterday. Your dog had me crackin up. Phantom the photo bomb dogg
  8. DrMcSkunkins

    DrMcSkunkins Dabbling in Oil

    Grinding some chain and getting things done, I like it...
    After you top her the first time and the two new tops start to grow out in its place then you wanr to stsrt trainingvthose new branches to spread them out.
  9. Thanks for the wisdom, and for not laughing too hard :cry:
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  10. DrMcSkunkins

    DrMcSkunkins Dabbling in Oil

    I am a noob myself, I only have 3 successful grows under my belt and 3 is pushing it. I just try to praise God every day for the chance to spread the love and sometimes I am blessed enough to help someone in need, it feels pretty good to give with no expectation of recognition. It feels better when your kindness is returned with the same.
  11. You definitely helped me, for that I thank you. I had a good laugh after I realized what I was doing. :p I'm hoping to be able to pass along some knowledge as well after I get it together. Thanks again doc!
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  12. 20161013_152254.jpg Got the seedlings in their cups. Let's hope this new soil is more seedling friendly. Added some perlite for better drainage. Watered everything with some bubbled tap and bio root pH 6.4 ppm 170. Bags per the seedlings so they can ease in to their new homes. They all had some nice rooting coming out of the rapid rooters so hoping things go smooth with these ladies.
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  13. Is this the second attack on getting these bitches to give up their candy? I think you will have more success this time...

    Dude cracked me up,,, Mr McSkunky... He was right tho... I am gonna piggyback off what he said... Let them girls go for a min... I am gonna give you some sound advice. Relax thinking you need to slam nutes down her throat. 3 things your gonna try to over give her. Water, nutrients, light. Now you dont have as much to worry about with water as coco completely soaked still allows the roots to get air. The flip to this is this,, you can guide the roots by watering in a circle around the main stem and allowing the cup to dry a little,,, promotes root growth... But allowing coco to dry out after they are over a foot tall can be very bad... Dont confuse what i just said. Different times call for different measures. Second, im not gonna comment on the cfl as you prob know more than i do about them.. But when you flip to mh, just leave it way up in the tent. I never move my 400w mh,, EVER! No need to... And honestly I leave my hps up high to, as by week 4 they have filled out the space nicely... And coco needs calimag, and honestly for the first 2 weeks that would be all i fed them besides some root builder, and hydrogaurd...

    Good luck brother...
  14. Over here just rollin.. He says he is gonna leave them alone this time! You got to let them bitches grow up, before you can Trump her...
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  15. Well its not round 2 really. These are the 2 that survived my initial germ attempt plus the 3 I added in once I realized my mistakes lol. You got me on the leaving them alone shit tho :p I'm learning how this soil mix works now. Didn't take into consideration that its about 65% coco. Got nute lockout just from the soil alone so now that I flushed with the herculean harvest they are doing great. Now it's just water feedings. Thanks for the tip on the mh, I planned on starting way up and seeing what they want from there. CFLs have to be pretty close to be effective that's why they are like that. Can't wait to turn on the big dog tho. A couple weeks to let the new seedlings adjust and I'm gonna start the mh.
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  16. DrMcSkunkins

    DrMcSkunkins Dabbling in Oil

    If you are in a soil less mix like coco/perlite then you should be feeding the every watering and never giving them just water.
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  17. I just read the info to where it sank in properly. It is basically a soiless mix. You've helped me twice in less than a week brother. Thanks again! I saw that it contained roughly 65% coco. Checking deeper into it the other part is sphagnum peat moss and ewc....I asked for a different product at the grow store, my mistake for not catching it. That explains the deficiencies I had to deal with. Being a newb is tough lol
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  18. DrMcSkunkins

    DrMcSkunkins Dabbling in Oil

    I fertilize lightly and water until water runs out the bottom of the pot and then wait until the pot feels light to water again.
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  19. I haven't over watered yet because I've read so much about that being the biggest mistake newbs make. Basically just a you described but without the nutes lol. This watering had some bio root which is 1:1:1 but that's it. Now I'll treat them as being in coco.
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  20. Water EVERY time with nutes... Use 1ml of calimag, mixed first, then 25% of your veg nutes till day 21, and make sure you use this every time you water. From now 9th when I say water, that means water that has nutes in it. NEVER STRAIGHT WATER..You will ruin the properties that make coco, coco.... Honestly. .. Here is what I would do until they are 15" tall...

    I would get you a little tote. Mix up your nutes and put in tote. let the coco wick the feed up from out the tote. It's by far the easiest and simplistic. .... If you need I will post a pic for you. The tote that 8th using only is 8 or so inches deep. Any shallow tub will work. Don't top water the plants. Let them wick it up themselves. PH 6.1 Imo is best for coco and veg. ..5.8 ph I need flower.
    Only put enough that plants can wick up and remove any left after an hr..