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Reno 911!!!

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by incogneato, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. So I was gifted some testers from Reno Genetics. 20170303_142735.jpg Hyper glue: gg#4 x Crockett's afternoon delight
    (Blue dream x c99)x(sour kusk x c99)
    White blaze x SK x c99
    Iron Ape: Grape Ape Ă— (Agent DieselĂ—PurpleDream)
    (Rotten mayo haze x c99) x (SK x c99)
    (Tangie x c99) x (SK x c99)
    (Astro dawg x Star dawg(tricot)) x (SK x c99)
    Crockett's Afternoon Delight f2

    That's one hell of a list. I'm going to work these into my rotation. So they will be in black gold water hold mix. Its coco/ sphagnum with ewc and I'll be using Nectar for the Gods nutes, slf 100, agisil 16 silica and blackstrap molasses. Veg in a 4x4 under t5.
    Flower in a 8x4 bloom room under 1,000w hps and either a 600w mh or another 1000w hps. Still havent decided. I wont be topping them the first time around so I can see their structure. Im thinking around 2 month veg, 1 gal hard pots. Lets get into some fire!!!
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  2. First up, Hyper Glue! I'll be running one of these in the solo cup challenge. 20170308_052157.jpg The rest will be run in the regular format. Can't wait to see what we get. They are packs of 5 so lets hope for a few females!
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  3. Oh hell ya brother!
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  4. Rotten mayo haze lmao verynice!
  5. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    That name was just made up from how a plant smelled..... we all know the guy
  6. jipp


    lots of fire. im sure you will do them justice.

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  7. I must have changed my mind on what beans to start with 1000 times lol. Next time I'll probably mix it up and let the people decide what they want to see lol
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  8. Getn ready to flup the plants for 10 days an weed out the males
  9. Brass monkey?
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  10. Damn dog i posted this on accident man i can delete it
    BRASSMONKEY & WHITEGOLD are being harvested this week , i got some done but ive busy all week at work
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  11. Leave it up bro, let the people see what some good cannabis looks like while were waiting lol
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  12. Rad getting gifted some killer kills. Look forward to the show
  13. Yea, I was just in the right place at the right time I guess. Realy good dude and he hooked it up too! I'm gonna try like hell to do em justice!
  14. Srenots


  15. Srenots


  16. Srenots


    looks like fire on the way...subbed
  17. The motor city madman!
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  18. Testers! Badass man I was wondering where those came from. Can't wait to see things move along bro.:ninja:
  19. Moto


    Subbed up and looking forward to the Reno Genetics. . :)
  20. 20170310_050839.jpg They all got a 48 hour soak and into rooters last night.
    Gotta make a correction: Hyper Glue is actually GG#4 x (CADx C99)
    Taking bets on how many girls I get out of the five lol
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