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Rick Simpsons healing oil, make the medicine!

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by logic, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light

    The boiling point of water is at 100c or 212f which is higher than most solvents which helps limit THC degredation while processing.

    Honey makes way better Tinctures IMO and isn't alcohol based at all which most patients like as well as my dogs.

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  2. TK's the man .., , Honey oil tincure is like a Rick Simpson jet fuel version
    i was making all types for teminal patient , results we found is...
    im not "medical expert" but for integestion tincures are best to use..
    ,for topical use's the dark Rick Simpson ISO version oils seems to work the best
    wax's oils and butter's will dilute well in a couple drops of warm alcohol for easyer integestion use's....
  3. headband707

    headband707 Guest

    Honey Tex? Never thought about honey . Your talking about making tinture out of honey not honey oil right lol.. How lol peace out Headband707
  4. nuttso


    Respect to all people that produce canna as a medicine for other people that need it.
  5. rockil


    Hi TK great read everyone i have a few ? two months ago i went to the doc and did all of the blood work and they said i have H pylorie did a bit of reading on the net and they say it can be caused by stomach ulsers or from cancer ya i just about shit my self so they gave me antibiotics to kill off the pylorie and i am to go back in for retest kinda scared so what i would like to know is this
    i can only have upto six plants here in Montana and one ounce at a time i am going to make honey oil from my bud using n-butane will this work the same i can only make small amounts at a time and stay with in the law what do you think
    thanks Rockil
  6. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light

    Straight organic honey bee honey....glycerin and alocohol are both alcohol based and if people have had or currently had problems with alcolohol they both seem to trigger the desire to drink, kind of like chocolate does some people...The glycerin is so sweet as well that alot people confuse the intitial sugar rush basically for the effects of the cannabis adder and it is just glycerins effects.

  7. headband707

    headband707 Guest

    Never thought of Honey lol I'm going to have to try that ...Tex do you know how to make Trichome Toffee? lol.. So damn expensive must be tricky... You have to let the tinture sit for 3 weeks or it's not as effective.

    Rockil as far as your H-Pylori the only way you can get rid of this is a cocktail of Antibiotics I think they may give up to 5 at a time very strong your going to feel sick when taking that much peace out Headband707
  8. rockil


    thanks headband been there and have already done that, man that can really make you sick and it does i am hoping to make some B-honey oil and injest it three times a day to see if it gets ride of cancer keep fingers crossed
    thanks for the input
  9. rockil


    i am going to make a honey oil extractor today i am a machinist with my own machine shop
    i am going to start out with a piece of solid stainless steel that is two inch dia and 12 inch long i will machine a 1 1/4 hole all the way thru it thread the ends, machine a o-ring on the face to seal it up tight so none of the oil gets by the threads i will make it so it will fit in a stand that i will make so i dont have to hold it while putting in the butane, so what do you think? this should work with the size i have chosen wont it. i will make it so i can add on longer pieces i will take pics as i go from start to finish
    please let me know if you can think of some thing that will help
    thanks Rockil
  10. headband707

    headband707 Guest

    Well Rockil "Honey" oil would be the way to go as it has it's own natural antibiotics.. I heard that canna caps are good for Cancer. Good luck peace out Headband707
  11. Good luck man

    Sounds like your right on track!
  12. sounds dope to me i just use a one inch stainless threaded pipe, hell i would by one if i knew you personally.. lol..
  13. headband707

    headband707 Guest

    You may have trouble with the butane freezing the stainless steel..They usually use plastice as the steel will be froozen for along time..Make a simplier one with copper piping and sealing the two end 1/2 inch. pipe . Who knows maybe you will come up with somthing great lol peace out Headband707
  14. rick

    great info on this thread!
    been messing around lately with our old lab equipment making some extracts..
    I see lots of good information here , thanks everyone for sharing !
    Rick S. is one man who deserves respect for helping many patients. I've been somewhat in contact with him through a mutal friend, and I was impressed with his results and methods.
    I have excess for the local labs for Biochemistry at the Hebrew university to have samples tested for cannabinoid % and purity checks, with the personal assitance of prof. Raphael Meshulam & students.

    peace 2 ya'all....:afroweed:
  15. Rolln J

    Rolln J Guest

    not sure what your talking about - stainless is fine and what lots of people have been using - safer then pvc as it wont leech a bunch of extra toxic shit into your oil...
  16. i did this one its super dangerous but it really can cure like cancer its amazingly saturated from what i recall i could use the word potent too
  17. nice thread, would like to keep update on this.

    I've tried to find sourcing, in gallons or 55 gallon drums, but to no avail. If anyone can find bulk sourcing of 99-100 isopropyl of n-hexyl naptha, please post it here would like to find .

    Also, always interested to hear more developments about this.

    EDIT: 99.9% Isopropyl 55 gallon drum for $679

    99% 55 gallon $598

    Isopropyl Alcohol 99%,T (55 Gal.)
    Price: $474.36
  18. Just received a quote back from this company in Florida. The shipping is to california, so its cross country. Other parts of the country would likely be less

    Timothy Schroeder | BBC Biochemical

    Office: (360) 542-8425 | Fax: (800) 518-6299 | Solutions for today and tomorrow™
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  19. If Rick's claims are true, then this is the trump card on the issue of (against) Prohibition. The only thing missing is a database full of 10,000+ documented success stories. I would gladly put up a site to catalog proof, and when I say proof I mean fully-assembled video and medical document of the existing cancer condition and doctors prognosis (before), chronological patient interviews (during), and clean bill of health documentation and physician statements. If any of you caregivers can help make this happen lets do it. After seeing the vids, I would like to make this oil and either put an ad in craigslist, or go to the local cancer treatment center to find a few melanoma patients who'd like to try this treatment. Cost to the patient will be interviews for proof of efficacy.
    If it works out that Rick's claims ARE true; hemp oil cures cancer, even in 50% of the test cases, this is a slam-dunk to legalization.
  20. what type of odor does the oil have in mass? meaning not a 60 gram dose but more like a 55 gallon drum of oil.I would like to help as many people as I can.If the oil can do just 50% of what rick claims I would give all I could to help 1 person. I am however in a position to have access to thousands of plants if the #'s work out and the oil heals and goal would be to set up an office seek out patients pay for their doctor and state and give them the 60 gram dosage.But does the oil smell?