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SUPER MITES!! When FLORAMITE wont work...

Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by COCOLOCO, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. What will kill mites that FLORAMITE wont?
    tsp/qt of Floramite did NOTHING!!! Thats 4x!! Never seen anything like it...Thinkin Avid, or a combo? Anyone use Hexagon or any other ideas? Need something atomic :mad0233:stronger than Floramite..

  2. opt1c


    what sorta plant in what stage?

    if u r just trying to kill em and money is no object... garbage can... full plant dunk
    floramite should work but u can alternate with avid

    also after the dunk water in merit75wp with the next feeding

    also try using floramite at the correct rate; 2.5ml/gal strong... 20ml/gal could mess with how it works as a spray in water etc... don't spray till runoff... u want the spray to stay on the plants... but seriously... a dunk works wonders

    a site called rosemania has every mite killing product u could ever want; i figure they are ALL safe to use on moms... anyone who thinks otherwise better be a plant scientist if they want to argue that with me... some stuff is newer than avid/floramite and they got it.... floramite was approved for use on tomatoes fwiw
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  3. Yes Avid is what is needed. I use Floramite, Shuttle, and Avid for mites on a rotation. You need to also bomb your room. If you cannot get the Pyrithium bug bombs, for some reason you cant anymore in some states, you need to get a fogger or a pump sprayer and clean your grow room really well. Also you need to spray your hoods, fans, walls, basically your whole room.
    Another thing mites WILL build a tollerance to whatever you are spraying them with to combat them. that is why it is best to use a rotation of Avid, Floramite and Shuttle to kill them for good. I use all 3. Every 2 weeks I use one of the miticides and another 2 weeks another and so on up untill the 2nd week of flower.
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  4. Bummer of the Borg. The introduction of Avid should give those scalywags a run for their money.

    I'm running for the hills like a Turkey with its head cut off next time I spot 'em.
  5. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    Avid did it for me, Forbid 4b FINALLY did it for my son (he's in SoCal), single treatment with Avid did me, single treatment with Forbid did it for him. He's been battling mites pretty hard.

    He also told me of another trick he's using right now. Check it, pretty clever even if I am his momma.
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  6. hydro2u


    An issue for many growers coming up against "Super Mites" is time of application and changing out of Miticides. Next time try utilizing less invasive methods such as oils (REEM/DAMOIL) or even predatory mites that will eat the spider mites (available from Syngenta/Biosa) early in the growth cycle. If that does not do the trick you must apply Avid/Floramite/Fiorbid no more than once during the plant cycle. I would switch them out on a 3-4 week bases. If you do not do this the mites will become immune to the Floramite/Avid/Forbid and get their "Super Mite" stripes!! Please follow the instruction for any miticide to the "T". All the best.
  7. ~

    Stirrup M

    a triple threat no mite can survive ,but it's like a NUKE

    really though ~ just rotate to avid instead of floromite and use some DM penetrator ,you problems will be solved
  8. Right Plant, Wrong Answer

    All problems will be solved except for the ones caused by the Avid when people burn that Herb/ Medicine.

    Mites are bad news, but not nearly as bad as what is commonly used by growers to erradicate them.

    Try IPM (Integrated Pest Mangement) style....rotating the use of Azatrol/Azamax......Nitrozime/Algen/Maxicrop......Pyganic (Organic Pyrethrin, Commercial Strength).

    Once you get control of the infestation follow up with predatory mites introduced twice a month while continuing to apply the Nitrozime/Algen/Maxicrop. Ascophyllum Nodosum is proven to inhibit the colonization of spider mites, while not affecting the predators.

    Also keep in mind that it's often your plant canopy, or leaf temps being too high (speeds up mite metabolism) that perpetuate the problem....dial this in and you'll see any controls you choose to use work much better.
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  9. Only use that mix on budding plants , if your plants are in veg there is NO hope ... but once they are DEEEEP into flower ,say 6 weeks or so ,that's when you want to apply those chemicals I suggested , but that's ONLY if floromite didn't work for you threw the whole flowering cycle 4 times weekly till harvest

    during the drying process , I always find that a choice time to use the NUKE TRIPLE chems , make sure all those pesky mites are dead before you pass about your medical marijuana!!



    edit : almost forgot ,while you at it ,when your buds are curing spray them all down with Eagle 20ew ,great product - enhances flavor and makes all weed smell and taste like ChemD !! love that diesel aroma on my meds !!

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  10. Oh Dyna, not suggesting you're recommending wack shit like that, just chiming in....I do appreciate good sarcasm when I see it. :)

    Though even when Avid is used early in the plant cycle that shit can persist for a long while systemically within the plant tissue.

    At very least as growers we need not be exposing ourselves to that evil shit.....just my opinion though.
  11. I turned off my ventilation and placed a no pest strip in my room for 3 days, got rid om my mites, and gnats.

    Then I found this and would use this if I were in flower.


  12. I agree with seemaiden, forbid from rosmania is fantastic!
    Our group had been fighting off the nastiest whitefly's on the planet for a long time, one application of forbid as a foliar wiped them completely out in 7 days! egg's and all.

    you should seriously look into it, it is made specific for mites and white fly's.
    here is the link.
  13. Seamaiden--I love your son's suggestion. I take it you haven't had a chance to try it yet? The idea of not having to put more junk on the plants is worth looking into, especially since you could use it in conjunction with other treatments.

    Also, I love that his screen name is Sea's Son. That is so cute it hurts.

    And to anyone, I know you can dunk the plants in Floramite, but is it worth it to/can you dunk them in anything else?
  14. Thanks for the heads up on the Rosemania, will def have to check it... As for trashcan.. out of the question. Plants are in a vertical undercurrent system 5 ft tall 4 ft across cant even move them... So I need something systemic and potent. Thinkin Avid and or Forbid... As for IPM. Not a fan at all of using potent systemics for IPM. That is what caused this problem in the first place. Place I got the cut from that infected everything used Floramite and who knows what else as IPMs and here we are... My opinion is neems, pyrethium and azatrol/azamax as IPM and keep the systemic miticides as last resorts... Also as far as dosage this rate was worked up to from below recomended rate...
  15. DUDE! I appriciate your reply but this has to be the craziest thing ive ever heard.. and ive some shiz...
    Let me get this right? You spray you dry buds and late flower plants with Eagle 20 because you like the smell and taste? WHAT? E20 has to be the most toxic smellin shiet ive come across.. Not to mention its a fungicide and has no affect on mites. PM nothin better but just opening the bottle makes me feel sterile... Please dont do this! This is sooo bad.. Seriously bro...

  16. Rosemania is great! Now the million dollar question?
    Forbid, Avid or Shuttle???? Forbid is also a ovacide..:wondering
  17. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    Dynamite seems to have a really sick sense of humor. I like it, quite a lot.

    If you're really having a problem that's persistent, I might go with the Forbid. But, again, a single application of Avid did it for me, and I am fairly certain my mites were brought in on my son's clothes when he came for a visit.
    Interesting, that's exactly what is not recommended by the manufacturers. They state very clearly to rotate miticides, but not a one says to only use their product once. In fact, of those that I personally have (don't have Forbid, but do have Azatrol) two to three applications are recommended.

    Then there's the issue of personal protective gear and whether or not it's being used, as well as reco'd greenhouse worker protocol.
    He's not a member of the farm, I just put that so it would come out like any other quote. He goes by Austafarian or something like that elsewhere. No, I have not had the dubious opportunity to try the trick, thank goodness because if I had to battle them as hard as he does, I might have given up altogether.

    I am sure that since Azatrol/Azamax can be used as root/soil drenches that they can also be used for a dunk. Forbid 4b, not so sure about, you're not even supposed to be able to get a hold of it in Cali, IIRC.
  18. So how would you mix the Azamax--how many mls per gal? I tried mixing up the recommended amount for the foliar spray once and felt daunted by how thick it was to actually dunk it.

    And Coco--I find you have to read everything here twice because there are too many funny people. There's a whole page on some thread about how taking a dump in your rez is good for the plants. That one was a little more obvious though. :)

    I think you've got a lot of good advice here. The main thing to remember is persistence. Every 3 days hit them with something else... Safers and Neem aren't stronger than Floramite, but they make for a nice addition to the 3 day rotation, IMHO, especially if you have the resistant mites.
    And heck, I want to try Seamaiden's son's method just because it doesn't involve poison. However, there's a new product coming out that uses spare parts from cuddly puppies that's supposed to work great. :)
  19. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    I can't remember how I mixed it for soil drench... 10mls/gallon I think.

    Lavender extract is being bandied about as a surprising herbal/organic recipe, but I can't remember the technique for making the extract.

    Oh... found something.

    It's worth a try.
  20. If all else fails try lady bugs. But not just a few. My buddy had spider mites earlier this season and he went to the local pet shop and got 1500 lady bugs for like 8 bucks. He built a cardboard box that fit around the infected plant and then released all 1500 ladybugs into the box.

    Needless to say a few hours later his plants looked better lol