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  1. Newbgrower1

    Gorilla wreck x Bigfoot glue nacc $2 seeds and seedsmans bubba kush indoor 3x3 soil grow trip. I have someone taking care of the humidifiers and have them on self watering bases. Other than that and the readings I have from the #acinfinity app and a few pics idk what is going on. Everything seems ok. I see a few dying leaves down low in the pics but everything else looks...
  2. Newbgrower1

    Gorilla wreck x Bigfoot glue nacc $2 seeds and seedsmans bubba kush indoor 3x3 soil grow

    ...ff hf soil. Gw x bfg bki ran out of water in my humidifiers a cpl times this week but they seem to be doing fine. I’m really liking the #acinfinity tent with the Wi-Fi capability. It definitely helps keep my mind at ease when I’m away for a few days. And I’m sure this is the most stable grow...
  3. Tumbleweed375

    AC INFINITY Giveaway! Controller 69 Pro+

    I'm growing some Durban Poison at the moment, but this controller would let me scale that up a bit! #acinfinity Thanks!
  4. Average_Joegrow

    Average Joe’s Grow Corner with ViparSpectra and AC Infinity

    ...38 for Mint Julep from #Twenty20 in the #ViparSpectra . All growing in 5 gallon fabric pots, using #foxfarmsoil Ocean Forest soil. In the #acinfinity 4x4 Cloud ⛅️ Lab 844 Advanced Grow System using the #acinfinity 5 gallon fabric pots with their self watering basins, #athena Blended Line...
  5. justgrowing

    First grow bud shots

    #FirstGrow #Noob #BudShots #Hydroponics #4x4 #spiderfarmer #acinfinity #PlantHouse #GeneralHydroponics #PhotosynthesisPlus It's been a trip. Looking forward to turning the lights off on these soon. 🍂 🍃 ✌
  6. daggarooker


    Garlic Sherb 4x2 Tent with a nanolux providing the current lighting. #acinfinity
  7. Stonerbudz

    AC INFINITY CLOUDFORGE HUMIDIFIER X CONTROLLER 69 WIFI GIVEAWAY there is more light exposure to cover the whole plant also lower branches and also too not over water because that is a very common issue when growing. These have been the best tips ive been told and learnt so far. Cheers and best of luck all! #acinfinity #cloudforge thanks @ACINFINITYINC
  8. Smokey0418

    AC Infinity UIS Ecosystem Giveaway!

    Clearly #acinfinity , I have 3 of there in-line now. Good luck to all and Enjoy that prize if your gifted one.
  9. mjab702

    AC Infinity UIS Ecosystem Giveaway!

    Good Luck everyone!! Thanks for the giveaway #acinfinity
  10. Moeboi

    AC Infinity UIS Ecosystem Giveaway!

    ...soil in my opinion I had many problems growing in regular soil my first grow and I had wrong lighting and ventilation once I've got some of right equipment I've been pretty consistent in growing pretty good plants but if I had the #acinfinity ecosystem I think it would help out on better grows
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