Usage for hash tag: fohse

  1. Average_Joegrow

    Ever Changing, Ever Growing New setup ✌️😊💚

    ...I have 3 tents 🏕️ currently and they are a #ACINFINITYINC 4x4 Cloud ⛅️ Lab 844 Advanced Grow System, I have a #ViparSpectra 5x5 powered by a #fohse Pisces ♓️ 7 light 💡, and a 2x4 #ViparSpectra 2x4 with 1x #ViparSpectra XS 1500 Pro light 💡 and a #marshydro TS1000 light 💡. I use #foxfarmsoil...
  2. Average_Joegrow

    Average Joe’s Grow Corner with ViparSpectra and AC Infinity

    New tent ⛺️ and light 💡!! Got a @ViparSpectra 5x5 and a #fohse Pisces ♓️ 7, 700w light 💡!! Can’t wait to have it growing!!!
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