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  1. Choppr

    Chopp's Grow, Harvest Time, photo dump...

    ...Tiger Lit Farms, Ethanol Lit Farms, and one of my own F1's Sugarcane Sundae (in-house genetics x cannarado genetics), as my usual Coco and MegaCrop 2 Part, topped once, lateral branches tied down, and let'em grow. I dont grow for weight as I am always over my 2 lb Limit! lol (lit farms were...
  2. Choppr

    full MEGAcrop line review and fertilizer debate

    ...cut out Nitrogen completely, I am not part of this camp. I believe as long as your Plants are growing they need Nitrogen. keep at it my dude! If you have questions DM me. also if you/anyone are looking at Vivosun Equipt. use 1 time promo code "chopsgrow" 15% off. #vivosun #megacrop #marshydro
  3. Choppr

    full MEGAcrop line review and fertilizer debate

    ...range, (under 5.5 or over 6.8), the drift within range is perfectly fine and even helpful for nutrient availability/uptake. I only use the MegaCrop and Power Si in the Gardens, it doesn't get any simpler than that! (i do use MOAB but only twice during each grow at 21 days and at wk 5 F) the...
  4. Choppr

    Chops Grow, Pics, Perpetual Runs

    Update from Last Post - the DWC Autos starting to pre-flower, The Blue Octane is in her hungriest weeks 5/6, and the 3 other Photoperiods also just started to pre-flower - right-on #vivosun #marshydro #megacrop
  5. Choppr

    Nearly perfect environment STILL PROBLEMS please help

    ...will stop any uptake, so you will have cascading issues...these issues you are having are systemic, until you have control of your system these issues will continue. if you need help on your next run DM me - right on! #vivosun (15% off vivosun products promocode chopsgrow) #megacrop #marshydro
  6. Choppr

    Chops Grow, Pics, Perpetual Runs

    ...the "out of sequence photoperiod" start of wk 4 today (photo from the 25th) blue octane from @ImpulsiveGrower and some new starts....4 photoperiod (another 4 of my own F1's regs Happy Growin Guys! #megacrop #vivosun #marshydro - if you're shopping vivosun use promocode chopsgrow for 15% off
  7. Choppr

    Photo periods in bloom! Share your pics and advice.

    this girl is an "out of sequence" so she has a tent to herself, she was vegged big to 8 weeks, "Blue Octane" Strain - she's now coming into 3rd wk flower - she stretched about 15" and is now stacking fruits...right on! #megacrop #vivosun #Mars hydro
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