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  • I'm in South Africa making Feco to help where I can. used 95% ethanol. issue with water solubles(chlorophyll). Brine doesn't make sense with ethanol extraction. The freezing method does.
    Freeze dried bud in zip lock & freeze ethanol. Pour etOH into ziplock. 3 min "wash" or basket and pour etOH over bud. Filter through coffee filter. Evaporate etOH.
    Best method for making great quantities of great quality Feco?
    hello Mr Wolf,
    i have a large scale co2 extraction machine and have had some issues with my oil being to dark. we have had some success in de-coloring with charcoal but we loose a large quantity of oil in the process. I have ordered sulfuric acid as well as some bleaching clay to experiment with but am having a tough time finding any info how to actually use these. Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
    Mr. Wolf from what I heard you can save me a lot of headache . I’m trying to put rosin and connisuer concentrate into a cart and I’m failing . I use ccell carts .5ml and always right at about half way into the cart she gums up or something . It taste burnt with almost no vape , sometimes becoming impossible to draw . What am I doing wrong ? Or is it everything ? Thanks in advance cheers !
    Rosin will have plant waxes in it, that can be a problem.

    Which CC concentrate are you using?
    I got just the flavor sampler pack . I try to keep it the same viscosity as co2 extract carts. But I can’t get it to perform as well.
    Morning Mr Wolf.

    Quick question if you have a minute. I am a medical patient in Canada and was wondering if you knew what sort of returns you get from short path distillation. Say a pound input material at 18 percent thc. Say 1 pound input material would return x milliliters or liters of distillate.

    Thanks for any help you can give and for all of your contributions to the community in general.
    Hey what's up I got my mk111 up and running and I had a question About yeild I am running buds covered in tricomes doing one wash bottom flood and and one wash top flood and color and smell of extract are great but yeild isn't the best I also notice the buds are still gleaming with a ton of trichomes and lots of loose ones as well I am not packing too hard something I'm missing here should I run more washes
    I typically do two column volumes from the bottom and one from the top on a Mk III.
    Hello Graywolf, we are the Fushbros and share a common friend with Chuck @emeraldtrianglegenetics.
    We've developed a new recovery pump (the FB710). It's an electric dual diaphragm pump (110 or 220v). Made in the USA. Oil free, super-quiet, requires minimum maintenance, 103PSI, Class 1 Div 1 group C & D, preliminary approval from PSI in Colorado.
    Asking if you can demo it; we'd appreciate your help. Thanks.
    Hi graywolf, please help me if you can @ recomending me a strain and procedure to extract oil for my mom. She has Leukemia, she had a bone marrow transplant, the leukemia is back, and the chemo is killing her. Please help.
    Hey there graywolf....I need to talk about the clear if you don't mind..if you could send me a msg I would greatly appreciate it...thank you for your time
    Hello gray wolf can you point me the your thread or discussion on skunk pharm about the kid of bho oil need for the 510 cart tanks similar to the dank tanks that they sell up your way thanks for all your help
    I too, respect and (greatly) appreciate your contribution to concentrates in general,
    but to this site specifically.
    Stay lifted/gifted...
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