Ricardo Lopez knew that opening a marijuana dispensary could potentially attract unwanted attention. Therefore, when he established the Purple Dragon approximately one year ago on West Hildebrand Ave, he made the decision to employ armed security to safeguard his staff. The safety of his employees and customers was of paramount importance to him.

On one fateful Saturday morning, an unexpected turn of events unfolded as three potential robbers found themselves locked in a gun battle at Purple Dragon. The situation escalated quickly, with the dispensary's security team promptly intervening to neutralize the threat. Lopez was shaken by the incident, stating that while criminal activity was always a possibility, that evening's events had escalated beyond what anyone could have anticipated. His gratitude for his security team's professional conduct in handling the affair was immense.

The attempted burglary happened around 3 a.m. when three men burst into the dispensary, two of whom were armed. They took aggressive positions, with one aiming at the clerk behind the counter while the other scanned the area for resistance. A third accomplice stayed alert for any incoming witnesses. However, unbeknownst to them, they were walking into a trap set by the well-trained Purple Dragon security team. In a swift response, one of the guards engaged with an armed intruder. The exchange of gunfire resulted in one assailant being injured and subdued.

The first gunman responded with two shots toward the defender before fleeing, followed by the third who scrambled away at the sound of gunshots. The security team's quick and decisive actions effectively curtailed the threat. Lopez praised his team for their prompt response and was relieved that they managed the situation without serious harm to his staff and patrons.

Despite the security guard being injured during the exchange, he received swift medical attention and was expected to recover fully. Lopez expressed confidence in his team's continued ability to protect the dispensary.

In light of the event at Purple Dragon, Lopez noted the critical role of security measures in preventing hazardous situations. It's a crucial lesson for all business owners about the importance of safety for their employees and patrons.

The clerk, caught in the middle of the conflict, managed through fear to protect both herself and an unsuspecting customer. She showed remarkable poise in alerting the newcomer to the danger and summoning emergency help. The wounded security guard, even after being shot again while the intruder made his exit, survived and the police apprehended the suspect, ensuring an end to the immediate danger.

As a result of this ordeal, Lopez advocates for a heightened awareness of security and is determined to deter any future threats. He, along with his employees, understands the gravity of remaining alert and prepared. For this reason, he insists that any suspicious activity should be promptly reported to the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD). It is everyone's duty to maintain vigilance and contribute to community safety by contacting the authorities whenever they perceive a threat. Timely reporting of such incidents is vital in preventing crime and ensuring the well-being of the community.
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