2 Grow journals. Chocolope and manyyyy strains

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Im going to be posting up two different grow journals in one post. First will be a Chocolope that Im doing outdoors in Socal right now and its two weeks into flowering and Ive done DNA's chocolope before, and this is the first time its getting purple from the temperature drop.

Second will be from the vegetative states of 8 plants. Im vegging them indoors at 19/5. Here are the strains.

Chem Valley Kush- Chemdog D X SFV OG
Celestial Temple Sativa- Ecuadorian Landrace
DNA's Kushberry- Oregon blueberry X OG
MK Ultra- G13 X SFV OG
Crimea Blue- Ukratian Hashplant X Blueberry
Gods Gift- Mendo Purps X Killer Queen(SpacequeenXC99)
Thai Super Skunk- Skunk X Chocolate Thai
Cannadential- LA Confidential X Cannalope haze

I just wanted to get the list out there, I'll take some pictures tonight and post them up on this. I'll have small grows on the way, but it'll build up into a ridiculous greenhouse grow.

Rolln J

interesting - looking forward to seeing your outdoor winter setup - I know gods gift to be GDP x OG...


A lot of people think its gdp X og, but its really a norcal strain thats meant for outdoors. Ive had a lot of gdp X Og crosses, but the real Gods gift has a completelyy different taste and calyx profile. can't wait to show the flowers in pics.


Gods Gift= Mendo Purps x Killer Queen, and if Lao Grow's doing it, it's gonna be the dankies.


Nice, you've got the pics up now. Those pics are how I know the gods gift is gonna be dank.
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