2024 Double Seed Run and Large Pheno Hunt

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For years I've had these 2 fantastic varieties, Grape Diamonds - Grapefruit pheno, and Life Savor Diesel - Raspberry pheno. Both smell astounding all throughout flower, and dry to simply a more subdued smell... and best part is, they taste almost exactly as they smell! :D

But as i'm in Canada with a legal market, and have various grower friends both in the industry and recreationally, i'm always dreaming of the day i have a small stable of killer genetics, and maybe start my own company, so i try to find or create better genetics for flavor. Others can have their high cannabinoid content, i want yummy buds!

So i'm crossing both of these to one of my new favorites in my stable, a pheno of Banana Punch. She's a sweet and earthy kush, that's absolutely frosty with dense buds. But she's also another that keeps her terpenes similar through into the smoke!

The seeds will be dried and ready to go into my hoop for this season. I'm planning to do a pretty sizable pheno hunt for each cross... at least sizeable for the limited room i have.

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So i made a DWC setup from my old rez, and got em going. I then made my own Silver Thiosulfate for the first time, which worked flawlessly. :)

Pots shell

Finished shell
Water level

Plug roots
Varieties roots
Sts fridge

After a few days of letting them get situated, i started spraying the donor BP female, in the lower left corner by the fan, and covering her in a 2 gallon pot afterwards with the drainage holes shaded to stop light leaks, while still allowing air exchange, increasing her night hours from 9 to 12. So the tent day cycle was from 6pm to 9am, and i covered her at 6am, spraying nodes every 3 days.

This put her 6 days ahead in flower than the other females.

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Week 1 roots


It looks like things are getting exciting in your garden! Two weeks in and seeing those females putting out hairs is always a great sign.
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