23 strains of Elite Genetics Seed Co

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No not going to discribe her to you.Elite did post up some provacitive pics of her at one time.Sure some downloaded to book marks. I haven`t heard if she was also relested as she was also busted at the same time as Elite.Elite`s site is still up I hear but I wouldn`t log on there as It`s most likely being paid by the Feds to try to catch others.
Tobor the 8th Man

Tobor the 8th Man

Then why did you even mention her in the first place? We were just rollin with what you posted. I think I will just stick to reading grow threads. I have heard enough about Elite and Rippz to last a lifetime.

Take care and good luck with your endeavors.


Elite had some good shit. Some was definately nanner prone but if I had the money I would be grabbing something like that up. Couldnt go wrong even with making some f2 of the most popular ones. Then that finances further breeding,lights etc.

Mark whats up bud? Know we aint chatted in a bit. Had some crap going on myself.In the middle of finding a new home. I have banana, sour banana, pre98 and tokxsq all sprouted. I left first batch soak to long and well you know what happened. That was also first time germing seeds that way so no biggie it was my fault. Started a fresh batch all germed and sprouted. TokxSQ is very hardy imo it made it through the first batch of soak.


No smoke report or anything yet just have 7-10 day old seedlings. Will be taking some pics soon though. I have chem valley and lemon larry going with those. Keep staring at the jamaican lambsbread though. I remember it from back in the day and if these are the back in the day ones. Well I might have to take a couple days off work smoke the hell out of it. Sad thing is that is a long way down road havent popped those. I was thinking of doing a grow journal here on the ones I do have going though if thats cool with everyone.

oscar grant

He made most of them except the one`s at the end.Truth is many are O`Raskal knock offs and crosses with swerve and O`Raskal`s gear.I got a bunch of his stuff myself but can`t use most of it for breeding because they are knock offs of other peoples stuff and I don`t do that.Elite got the Pre 98 Bubba from me when he rented my trailor but the rest of that stuff I couldn`t sell. Now a lot of breeders and venders have gave me free seeds to try out but without there permition I won`t sell them or use them in crosses.Just me but I wouldn`t want someone else making money off my genetics with out premission or at least credit for my work.Compitition is one thing but when I say it`s my work it really is my work and if I do get to use someone else`s gear in crosses I always give the breeder credit. So worth is what you put on it as I advise you not to sell any of the seeds.That said you will find some gems to grow out for your own use in that batch of seeds,hope they were stored good and germ for you.

i hate it when ppl try to say that genetics belong to ppl. no one owns nature. if its dj shorts blueberry or nevals haze or something that was actually breed and took years of work then i somewhat understand. most of the genetics out there today are just x's. i doubt ogr or swerve take years working on strains. not saying there shit isnt straight fire cause it is, just saying no one owns genetics. everyones shit is or was someone elses shit, thats how it works. its like this whole chemdog drama around cuttings and who told who they could work with what. i read this stuff and pull my hair out, that kid found bag seeds lmfao. thats not breeding or anything actually. its getting lucky. my friend found bag seed back in 93-94 and its "chemdog" and he has had it ever since, no joke. anyways just saying no one owns nature.
Mud Man

Mud Man

OMG !!
I hope you Smoke ya way through heaven bro.....R.I.P..

This guy was a bit special man... i have often thought what would happen to my fridge, who would sort out all my shit if was to go early??

This thread is amazing, you just found the Jackpot fo reel...

"Whats in these Buckets???"
"Throw em"
"Nah better check... OMG Fire OG. OMG"


Sending love and luck to where ever you are...

keep us updated.... and keep what ever the family wants you too,,..
Tell ya GF.,,,,I doubt he would want all his bomb stash to be sold...
He would want you to toke it ..

Mad Farmer 1620

Fuck, theres gotta be an heir to that? I hope u did the right thing, he musta had a family right?




dam bro they sound like some shit worth growing id get them

Zissou Intern

damn just read through that and that was insane.

i have a couple elite packs still stored away.... dont think i'll pop em soon but i def see some of my packs in that list....

wonder what ever happened to the kid.... crazy


To anyone who has elite genetics, please pm me. Been looking for this shit for a while. Lost my moms of the Twisted Purple OG Kush to some real shitty shit and I REALLY would love to get some of that or anything from elite going. The Twisted Purple OG is a AAA strain not much beats it.


This is totally insane - its like finding Aladdin's Lamp !! Did you find the grow room yet ??


what he^^^^said.
dont be a bunch mooks.
he's setting ya'll up
for a rip.
dont send him a dollar until u see some shit grown out with your own eyes
or someone who you trust puts eyes on growth.

i could be wrong
but when u have any doubT

run forrest....run!
cause you are real GUMP if you send bread to this guy without a 'voucher'.

fido from philly


thc farmer just turned into jerry springer right in front of my eyes

So I'm just getting my daily browse on seeing what I can learn today and KILL THE FUCK OUT. I think I stumbled across the damn dank springer show. I usually browse post and read this and that bit I just read 9 pages of meaningless bs that will not add anything to my skill set bit was interesting as shit lmao BTW if anybody has any pics of her feel free to send them my way...the nuddies are preferred lmao

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