25 Years Growing Indoors by DJ Short - 1999



what a great read. very interesting, and even more entertaining.
yes this was a good insite into the history and determination of growers to keep the enjoymeny of cannabis available.
thanx O'G
As far as the cannabis flower goes, DJ Shorts is my all time hero. I think he is the # 1 breeder and his book was a great read. The first time i hit the true blue, i was taken to the most beautiful place. I still believe that flower is the best of the best. It's the best when it comes to the high because ... if done right ... it is as narcotic as any pure afghanica, but at the same time, as enlightening and heightening as a pure sativa. It flo's from by body then spins my mind while still keeping me completely collected. I would say the OG's have nothing on that plant. NOT TO MENTION THE BLUEBERRIES PEST AND DISEASE RESISTANCE!!!! I have a mother that has survived every singal killer pest(including root aphids those demonds), under watering, over watering, heat stress, over ferting and all else that comes w/ the darkside of growing and yet she still lives. I have crossed the true blue with itslef a number of times trying to get something more amazing, but that plant is so damn stable. I did end up landing on an afghan dominant strain, but each one i created gave me the same amazing high. It is truely a tragedy that this plant is so under appreciated now a days at dispensaries all around LA. IMPO i feel that people aren't doing it justice anymore. WHile i was working for a dispensary out in silverlake, i wanted to run a round of my blue and the investor actually had the audacity to decline based on the fact that the blueberry was to stemy ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Needless to say i no longer work with that fool. Anyways sorry to babble on Im just glad that some1 posted something about my favorite breeder. This reply goes out to the Master Mr. DJ Shorts and to the Flower of all Flowers, the True Blueberry.

spot on bit of cannabis cult history, love finding out how we got2where we are us brittish well went forwards and recently a big step back but times of hardship such as these surly the sun will shine on all our buds soon, many thanks for sharing
I want to thank you DJ for your efforts. My family has been growing from a 10pack of your seeds for 9 years. I have refined our stock by back breeding the best looking/smelling male to all the girls. Then choosing the next batch of seeds from the 2 girls that gave us exacetly the 'head' we needed.
My wife suffered from blinding migraines that would last 2-3 days. Now at the first sign of Migraine the wife nibbles a small brownie and any traces of the Migraine disappear.
Thank You DJ Short
thank you this is my first post entered on this site and i am very happy i found it thank you for posting it