4x4 - New LED. 3 options to choose.

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Hello Farmers :)

I am looking to get a new LED for my 4x4 Gorilla grow tent.
Temperature will not be the issue.
Extracting CO2.

1. Scynce - Dragon Alpha x2
New LEDs to market. This may be the overkill for a 4x4 grow tent. I do have an extension to get over 8ft height. I am really curious about those lights. I am certainly not expert in light tuning.
I was thinking to get 2 of those lights. Scycne recommend hanging more than 24in height over plant. I believe I can go lower with it and just dim it.
What do you think guys? Just curious if anyone used Dragon Alpha already?

2. Scynce - Raging Kush
Pretty good reviews over internet. I cant say anything bad about those lights. The one thing that only concerns me is that those light have to be really close to plant. That may bother me while I do some "maintenance" on my plants or inside tent.

3. Gavita Pro 1700e LED ML
Good brand and good lights. Just another option from different manufacturer. I do not like that they are assembled in China.
They do have Samsung / Osram LED which are one of the best ones on the market now (from what I read).

Please share your opinion and thoughts.
Stay safe!


I personally stay away from any product that calls itself science but spells it wrong... but then again I dont like "quantum" as an advertisement, though they are my favorite fixture right now. 🤣

I havent heard of, or even seen any of those fixtures before. Not surprising since there are literally thousands of grow light companies these days.

You will want a minimum of 35w per sq ft. As long as the light meets that requirement, be sure the quality isnt suspect. Then you should be good, no matter what light you use.

Keep in mind, many fixture manufacturers are charging way too much for their products. Many of us here are using kingbrite quantum boards now.

Good luck on your search! Keep in mind that the plant doesnt care who made your light, how much it costs or what "cool" name someone gave it. It's all about output, footprint, and value.


Autoguy- Just went through the same thing with a Gorilla 4x4. Ended up ordering a Spiderfarmer SF4000. Haven't received it yet, so unfortunately I cannot comment on it, however, I'm sure it will do great.

If I had to do it again, I'd go Kingbrites. I initially didn't want to buy a Chinese light(good luck), and didn't want to wait a long time. Ended up buying a Chinese light and waiting a long time..LOL. Save some cheddar and buy a kingbrite. Friend has the Gravita and loves it.
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