4x4 tent what are u farmers yielding

Just wondering why an intake and exhaust fan ? Im a huge fan of overkill...... if you said, “because”, i’d be fine with that Lol
Both is best. I use passive intake and one 400 cfm fan for exhaust.
I’m just gonna say there is no way that dude wasn’t roasting shit or using f tons of a/c. 2 bathroom fans ain’t gonna cut it
I am running a 200 cfm fan in a 4x4 with passive intake and do have heat issues at times. I cant see putting much more draw on the tent as it is already appears to be pretty taught when sealed up. Think I don't have enough exhaust?
Do you filter the intake ? I have two cats that have (3) litter boxes in my basement
Could that nasty smell hurt my potential grow ??
Ya prob. I don’t filter but I should. I’ve seen folks use cheap cone air filters for cars as intake filter. The hair I just pick out later but the cat shit fumes will definitely affect the flavour of your smoke for sure. I’m lucky cause my cat shits outside cause he’s half feral lol
Stuff like these work wonders for intake filters. Used more for outside air intake but wouldnt hurt for a tent to keep mold/spores/bugs ect out.