5x5 Corner-to-Corner Solo Cup Run

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um you trying to be funny?
think you should apologize to @TSD you’ve taken this further than it should..
i’ve looked at your flowering plants with all burnt dried out leaves and only half way through flowering.. 40 oz wet in your case..
i won’t take your shit,
so careful and be nice and people are forgiving here so you can enjoy yourself..
up to you..
Lol, no skin off my teeth, I forgot I even made that post lol. I just can't seem to help myself when people are condescending twats. I assume he'll be banned anyway since he basically just threatened @GNick55 with some cosmic retribution lol. Fucking douche canoe.
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This just verifies everything about this forum and its followers of sheep with a herd mentality..... I wasnt comimg back but this morning i was bored so thought i'd have a quick look at the replies to my comments..... THIS is an outright lie, i never said asshole once i simply repeated back asshat and was told i should apologise? get f*cked haha everything i said about you was right, this isnt a free thinking forum iyts just like every other internet platform where if you dont fit in your attacked or your out.... Liars simple as that and also bullies.... you'll get whats coming to you don't worry about that.... oh and btw thats how simple you mindset is, i have different email accounts and a laptop with a dif IP address..... fucking idiots.... laters View attachment 1344503
You are so lame.


What’s goin on OB haven’t seen ya on here for a while hope all is well mate👍
Well Friday, some fuckhead ran a red light and totaled my car.

Had dropped my daughter off with my mom 30 minutes prior, minor minor injuries for me and the wife.

We have insurance, they have insurance.

Waiting to hear back from insurer, and see how this unfolds.

So fucked without a car/transportation

We are fucked.
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