All guano diet

Never done this before hope im in the right place. I saw a thread somewhere tha t someone anmended his soil with specific guanos and such and had no need for added nutes. Has anyone heard of or done this? I want to go full organic and would love to try this. Thanks
There are quite a few threads on super soil grows here. Try searching for "super soil recipes" and you will find results.

I have been growing this style for a few years now and I like it. Once you have your soil ready to go, it doesn't get much easier. You do need good water though so, if you don't have that, you may have to think about using a Reverse Osmosis unit or something. Bottled water will work for a short while but doesn't make sense when the plants get bigger.

Here is a book that can walk you right through the whole process if your interested. I started here and still use most of his recipes/techniques just because they do seem to work good (so why fix it).,aps,159&sr=8-1
Back in the 90's, I did something like that. My growing medium was 1/3 peat or coco, 1/3 compost, 1/3 perlite. Guano company super tea for veg. Budswel for flower. It was probably the loudest flower I have ever grown.

Shout out to Buried Treasure liquid guano, which is suitable from start to finish. Just make sure you flush the heck out of it, because you can really taste guanos in the finished product.
Super Tea and Budswell is a great product has been on the market for at least 10 years - the on;y other thing would be a
fish Hydrate (Fish Shit or Fish hydrate by Kelp4Less)