And she is done, now to cure.

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So just finished my first indoor grow of Blue Fire. Had her In a 2x3 tent and had it DWC style. The total was 3.5 ounces which I feel isn’t Terrible for my first grow.

I dried her for about 7-9 days which I think she over dried a little bit which stinks but first grow so I’ll learn from it. I’ll give her a few days curing to see if it helps any but if she’s to dry I guess it won’t.

Here she is after the trim


I let them sit till tonight to see if I saw any change in humidity which I did not. The bud doesn’t feel crispy and brittle.

I ground a small nug tonight and I’m very pleased with the flavor and the high.

The high starts off strong in the head but levels off and gives more of a body high which is what I enjoy.
Very happy with the outcome
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