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Hello everyone! A little about me first.. I'm from Nebraska originally and began growing indoor with my parents when I was 15. Hadta grow indoors becuz of the prevalence of ditch weed. So I've been growing most of my life. I'm now 56 living in beautiful oregon. Last season I grew outdoor using the LST method.. all I can say is WOW!!! Ive since moved from medford to eugene and growing indoor this season. Last season was runtz, Hawaiian, my buddy came back from Hawaii with seeds from Thailand which were(REAL) pineapple kush. The season before my purple kush hermied and pollinated my gorilla glue so I kept a couple seeds.. they came out great. Now I'm a firm believer in LST from four plants I harvested 10+lbs!
This year I planted feminized 707 headband and jack Herrer seeds from pacific seed bank. Getting ready to transplant a shishkaberry and sweet hawaiin. I'll be using LST again and I'll keep everyone updated.
Anyone thinking about LST? I would highly recommend it!
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