Anyone pressing live rosin from their autos ?

Just got tired of quality issues/disappointment with black market material ! Now tryin to grow and press my own.
Just wondering why no other threads on live Rosin? Lots of hash stuff ! And bho but let’s get to the rosin
I’m only doin a couple grams at time right now playin with temps and time. I shoot for quality first , then quantity. That was wedding cake at 190 degrees and at pressure for 30 seconds my gage isn’t working so not positive of the pressure but I got good good feel ! Lmao
What is "live rosin"? I press rosin by the ounce, but it is at least dried and cured for 10 days..Sometimes it is still too watery and too tough to collect. Luckily my grow allows me to experiment and fool around to my hearts content:
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Do you have any idea the pressure your using?
What are the rest of your starting perimeters?
Yes..I added a pressure gauge to the Northern Tools 10 ton pump (like $30 for a stainless steel street tee and the gauge.)

I preheat the pre-pressed puck for maybe 25 seconds..then increase the pressure to 500-1000 lbs and wait to see a flow. Then I gradually increase the pressure and have never gone beyond 7 tons. That is about all that I need to get most of the rosin out of a 7 gram puck (ideal in those 3x5 plates). My goto temp is 220d F and I shamefully don't do a second press...LOL

Edit: I will press up to 12 grams at a time on the 3x6 Dulytek garage press. Same pressures etc.
After a 7-10 day dry, I use to press a few grams from my auto's. Now I'm into tinc and my press and dab rig are dust collectors. It may have been Confucius that said, " a fool and his money are soon departed." Or maybe W.C. Fields.